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Don’t forget what yesterday was all about

By   /   December 26, 2012  /   Comments

Christmas time is a time for giving.  People give and give, hoping to help their fellow man have a more joyous holiday season.  It’s one of the best things about this time of year.  That, however, was yesterday.  Today is the day after Christmas.  Today is the day that people seem to forget all about the less fortunate.

However, it’s because people forget that it’s so important for the rest of us to remember those less fortunate folks.  There are people in this town who are suffering all year long.  They need help.

I’m not talking about those who have determined that Uncle Sam should take care of them rather than actually…oh, I don’t know…work.  I’m talking about those folks who have hit a rough patch and actually want to get through it somehow.  Those folks I have no problem helping, if I’m able.  Few do.  We all need to remember those folks and help them as best we are able.

I’ve been there folks.  A lot of us have been.  We’ve gotten help when we most needed it, and we appreciated it.  I, for one, still do.

Unfortunately, charity often dries up after Christmas.  People don’t think about giving to their fellow men any longer.  At least, not for another year.  Unfortunately, there are still people in need.  They are everywhere, and they will continue to need help.

I’m not asking for you to give to a particular charity.  I’m asking you to give to whoever you want.  I only ask that you make sure the money is making it to the people who need it, and not expensive trips for top staff.  Unfortunately, those groups exist, and they exist right here in Albany apparently.  Be very wary of who you give your money too, or else those who need it most will never see it.

Please keep giving.  Albany still has a long way to go before we can reach the point that we don’t need all these charities here.

Tom Knighton is the Editor and Publisher of the Albany Journal.

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