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Classlessness after Sandy Hook tragedy

By   /   December 17, 2012  /   Comments

Last week, the nation began a healing process.  It was needed after learning about the tragedy that had unfolded at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.  As a nation, we were hurting.  Even without all the facts, what we did know was horrific.  The murder of a child is horrific all on its own.  The murder of so many was beyond comprehension.

Even before all the facts were known, critics of the Second Amendment began calling for more laws.  Senator Dianne Feinstein took to the airwaves, using the tragedy to gain traction for her “assault weapon ban” bill.  This is despite the fact that the shooter in Connecticut, Adam Lanza, used two handguns rather than an infamous “assault weapon”.

Honestly folks, this disgusted me.  The day events unfolded, I stated my refusal to discuss politics about the situation.  It was to soon.  We didn’t know enough to even have a reasonable discussion of where the system may have failed.  We didn’t know that the shooter was only 20 years old, a year short of the age the law permits someone to purchase handguns.  We didn’t know that he was a disturbed individual that had suffered from mental health issues for years.

Gun control advocates didn’t seem to care.  This was an opportunity.  Like Rahm Emmanuel once said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”  Many gun control advocates took that advice to heart.

We know that Adam Lanza was only 20, and the law is supposed to prevent someone his age from obtaining a firearm.  It didn’t.  Unfortunately, this is often the case.  Laws tend to only affect the law abiding.   Those with cold hearts and dark intentions generally don’t care about the legality of the tool their using, because the very acts they are considering are illegal as well.  However, there’s insufficient information as to how Lanza obtained the firearms.  We don’t know if he obtained them through legal means, or illegal.  We simply don’t have enough information to make a determination one way or another.  As such, I suggest we hold off on long term discussions of what could have prevented this tragedy until we actually know something.

There will be a time for this debate, but it’s not now.

In his anti-gun documentary “Bowling for Columbine, Michael Moore blasted the National Rifle Association for having a pro-gun rally in a town on the same day that a child was buried.  If I remember correctly, that child had been killed by a classmate who had stolen a family member’s gun.  They were grade school age.  I agree with Moore.  That was rather tasteless.

However, now, gun control advocates – including Moore himself – are wringing their hands and doing much the same thing that was derided in Columbine.  Frankly, I just find it classless.

Tom Knighton is the Editor and Publisher of the Albany Journal.

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