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Christmas and The Grinch

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I sat with the men who stayed at The Salvation Army on a Monday night and we watched the old Christmas classic, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. We laughed at the antics of the Grinch and the perils of the dog. We all had places in memory where the film vacuumed us to.
What if the story of the Grinch didn’t turn out like it did on TV? What if he hadn’t had a change of heart?

To the people of Whoville, you’ll soon get my call.
Tis the Grinch who stole Christmas and every last ball.
When I came to you last and took all of your wares,
I’d hoped to see heartbreaks and empty-eyed stares.
I snucked and I slithered and poked and I crammed;
I filled all my bags with trees, presents and hams.
I filled and I poked and I picked and I took,ChristmasThis stealing your joy made me grin till I shook.
From Who house to Who house I helped myself in,
The big ones, the small ones, the fat ones, the thins.
I loaded all goodies upon my snow sled,
I hauled them up mountain with reindeer so fed.
He mushed as I popped him with pop whip so cruel,
Now that is as festive as Grinches do Yule!
Up on that high mountain I nearly did faint,
The narrator said my heart grew like a saint.
He thought my heart pounds were of greatest intention.
What he did not know: I had bad indigestion!
I stole all your toys and I stole all your food,
You still sang those songs like a Christmas Who prude!
Then entered this thought to this sharp Grinchy mind,
“I’ll pile toys on Whoville till it makes them all blind!”
I’ll fill and I’ll poke and I’ll pack and I’ll cram,
I’ll drown them with toys, presents, cookies and ham!
You’ll lose sight of true Christmas–a baby in stall,
You’ll celebrate X-mas in Inn Ville Town Mall.
The little Lord Jesus there sleeping in hay,
You won’t see real Christmas; you’ll see “Holidays.”
Poem originally penned by Keith Hood:
December 4, 2006
04:53 Grinch Mean Time
Leesburg, Georgia

Written by Keith Hood. Keith operates Cross Cultural Musique in Leesburg with his wife, Janice. He has a blog at http://soulfoodfromthehood.spaces.live.com.

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