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A Year of Blessings Behind, Resolutions Ahead

By   /   December 30, 2012  /   Comments

by Jim Layne

Any column that looks back on a year’s achievements is bound to come across as boastful, braggartly, or as an expression of vanity. Bear with me, my successes this year are probably very meager by most standards but after a number of bad years, good news is great news and deserves a little celebration. I hope that you will join me in celebrating your successes, great and small. Likewise, I hope you will join me in my resolution.

Being thankful for family might seem antiquated and cliché in a world that seems to have turned its back on family values. To many though, family is everything. This year my wife and I celebrated our eighth anniversary.

Our blended family achieved some significant milestones. I had a relapse of PTSD and finally sought some help. From this came a renewal of relationship with my wife and children. I realized maybe for the first time what truly amazing ladies I have in my life: a 13 year old artist, a 12 year old scientist, and a 6 year old senior executive/ transportation manager/ strategic planner. I believe that it is by faith in God and his divine strength alone that my wife is able to manage all of us.

On professional success, I cannot complain. I couldn’t advise another on how to cause the circumstance that parlayed the sale of one book into three, into having an entire series picked up. Following up with the sale of some short stories and an invitation to write for another. Small press, people, is not dead. I continued my writing relationship with Backwoodsman Magazine, which was the least bizarre opportunity of the year. The most bizarre was how one night I was doing color commentary of the presidential debates on social media and the next day I’m an Op-Ed writer. So much for planning a career timeline, I’ll take pure dumb luck any day.

My faith journey this year has been equally strange. I found God in a big way a couple of years ago and have been trying to figure out what to do with him ever since. I may have figured it out, again through a happy accident, having a play I wrote produced for the final year of my church’s Living Christmas Tree. There will be more faith based writings in the future, but in His time not mine.

Everyone I know, and likely everyone you know has some sort of new year’s resolution, even if its not to declare any particular goal. Mine are simple, I want to eat healthier, and I’d like to lose that seventy pounds the doc as been on me about. I want to finish a novel every ninety days to complete my contractual obligation.

I don’t like to set specific goals about time limits with regard to fitness. I ran and carried a rucksack for a good chunk of my life. There are days when I do good to walk upright.

How about we have a gentlemen’s agreement between us. For the first 3 months of 2013 lets commit to a half hour of extra activity a day. In this way perhaps we’ll all be fit enough to face the oncoming mess our friends in Washington are making right under our noses.

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