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The Week of Christmas and Is All Well?

By   /  December 23, 2012  /  Rev. Andrew  /   Comments


Tweet Many of us are already sick of Christmas by the time we get to this week.  We wonder if we are on the last lap of a race that we begin to think there is simply no hope of winning.  The music, that we first loved to hear around Thanksgiving, has grown tired and worn us [...]

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A Christmas Story

By   /  December 23, 2012  /  Jim Layne  /   Comments

Jim Layne headshot

Tweet “Lookie Daddy, them’s Christmasies.” His three-year-old daughter squeaked in her little singsong voice while leaning way over the edge of the shopping cart.  They were in Mayer’s Hardware Store on Christmas Eve.  He needed to purchase a new elbow for the kitchen drain.  It had frozen and cracked the night that the furnace had [...]

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