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The psychotic nature of ‘Black Friday’

By   /   November 26, 2012  /   Comments

The day after Thanksgiving, I keep my happy butt home.  I’m not a huge fan of crowds, so I try to avoid the throngs that descend upon retail establishments.  I’ve done it, but if given the choice it would require wild horses to drag me out at oh-dark-thirty to stand in line for some item that I wouldn’t even be that interested in otherwise.

Each year, my Black Friday hobby is to wait for the stories that destroy what little faith in humanity I managed to build in the preceding year.  Without fail, they come rolling in.

Moultrie once again made national news because apparently our fellow southwest Georgians think fist fights over prepaid cell phones is a worthy way to express being thankful…after all, aren’t we supposed to be thankful just a day earlier?

That isn’t exactly an isolated incident either.  We hear far too many stories of people being trampled in the rush to get into a store or some similar pyschoticness (no, that’s not a real word…but I’m using it anyways).

The kicker is some information I heard this past weekend.  Apparently, you actually pay higher prices by doing your shopping on Black Friday.  So we have this “behavior”, and you’re really not getting that good of a deal in the overall scheme of things.

Oh sure, someone will point out to the $50 television they bought, and that sure sounds like a heck of a deal…until they realize that it’s some off brand that you normally wouldn’t pay any kind of attention to except that it’s a Black Friday deal.  It’s like “Joe’s Televisions” brand, but you’ll snag it at what looks like a ridiculous price because it’s a “door buster”.

Now, that’s not to say you shouldn’t shop.  Far from it.  What I’m saying is that people need to quit being jerks to one another for deals that really aren’t that great.  I understand that Target had things laid out in a way that made it run nice and smooth.  Unfortunately, we shouldn’t have to have that.  We do, but we shouldn’t need it.

Black Friday, and the behavior that has become associated with it, can be best described as psychotic by this lay person.  Personally, I’m partial to Cyber Monday.  I don’t care how many people hit up Amazon for their version of a “door buster”, I’m not likely to be trampled to death over a cheap Chinese television that is still overpriced at the mere $10 being asked for it.

Tom Knighton is the Editor and Publisher of the Albany Journal.

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