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Saxby’s word apparently means jack

By   /   November 27, 2012  /   Comments

Saxby Chambliss is kind of in some trouble.  He is now facing the very real possibility of a primary challenge from other long time Republicans.  Now, I’m a Libertarian, and we’re likely to have our own candidate, but I can see the real chance of a primary challenge being successful as they have been so many times in the very recent past.  However, it’s all because Saxby’s word apparently doesn’t mean jack.

You see, Saxby Chambliss signed a pledge to not raise taxes.  Should he have done that?  Well, honestly, it might not have been the best move he could have made.  Of course, that’s hindsight.  The pledge had no expiration date, so essentially, by signing it he agreed to never vote to raise taxes.  Last week though, he said that his country mattered more than a 20 year old pledge.

Now, the sentiment is fine.  However, being a man of his word should matter.  I know, I’m being a little idealistic, but I’m still waiting for someone to give me a good reason why it shouldn’t.  After all, everyone seems to lament the lack of principle and integrity, so it seems like more people agree with me than don’t.

Saxby wants to stop sequestration from happening.  He’s arguing that a tax increase in the name of preventing it is worth the price.  Of course, he completely fails to miss his part in our current financial situation.

Chambliss, despite calling himself a fiscal conservative, voted in favor of Medicare Part D which created billions in unfunded liabilities to the United States government.  He practically never met a farm spending bill he didn’t like (so long as sufficient pork came home to Georgia).  He voted for TARP, which bailed out financial institutions fromtheirmistakes despite you and I having to bail ourselves out of our own.  Saxby is, quite simply put, the epitome of a “big government Republican”.

His sole remaining claim to fiscal conservatism was his pledge to not raise taxes.  He held onto that, but now even that is slipping.  So what are the difference between Saxby and the democrats?  Not a whole heck of a lot from the looks of things.

Maybe what we need in Georgia is a real fiscal conservative.  After all, contrary to what some have claimed, it actually is possible to balance the budget without an increase in anyone’s taxes.  What people need to admit is that they just don’t want that.  After all, doing so would remove their favorite pet programs from being funded by tax dollars.  It can be done, but many don’t seem to want that…including Saxby Chambliss.

Personally, I’d rather have a senator who kept his promises.

Tom Knighton is the Editor and Publisher of the Albany Journal.

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