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Lady Liberty Dead at 236

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OBITUARY- At 12:49 a.m. on November 7, 2012 after a long and hard fought battle against the cancerous tyranny of this world, Lady Liberty went home to be with the Lord. Miss Liberty, conceived in 1776 through a declaration made by thirteen colonies and born in 1789 after thirteen years of war and struggle, both military and political. She started life as the dream of a confederacy, but a bloodless coup held in secrecy made her the great lady she aspired to be.

She was beautiful, but a woman of common breeding. Her skin was marred by the effects of a life lived on the forefront of change. She was at times a woman of state, of worldly character, and a mother of more than 300 million. She stood firm when external influences attempted to destroy her young family. She wept bitterly when a domestic war pitted brother against brother. Her joy was apparent as her sister Necessity became the mother of invention, whose son Technology became one of Liberty’s greatest nephews.

Throughout her life, Lady Liberty championed the cause of freedom throughout the world. She was long feared in many a dark corner for she had a tendency to show up uninvited to parties where people were being ill used by their governing bodies. She was drawn to rage by the tyranny of evil men.

She was a loving, forgiving woman, a mother of millions, fathered by 43 husbands. Some wise, some not, some men of common sense, others divisive, her 43rd husband murdered her after an abusive, loveless four year marriage. She expired to the sound of thunderous applause as her forlorn 44th suitor conceded.

Her last century was hard on Lady Liberty as she neared middle age. Two world wars, pandemics, and discoveries that suitors and would be friends were naught more than conspirators in disguise. She was a loving woman, patient and kind. Those who felt the scorching heat of her scorn, were succored in her love and restored to health.

She was long haunted by the death of her most beautiful love. A forward thinking young man with a penchant for movie stars. He and his administration specialized the art of warfare and saw the flaws in the Federal Reserve. Nefarious men killed him in favor of a man they could manipulate. He was followed by three who watched a cold war grow colder and in what seemed her darkest hour Lady Liberty was courted by a real man.

Her beloved Ronald stood tall, spoke plainly and carried a big stick. He put his lady’s security above all else and bankrupted the greatest enemy of his time. He stands as her greatest champion in the last fifty years of her life. Her next three husbands were all men of ambition, swelled with the vanity of the Ivy League.

Lady Liberty’s final husband, a man of questionable origin, who’s public and private disdain for her principles, made him an indulgence of an ultimately fatal attraction. A fellow of weak character and cruel ambition, who knelt before her enemies and proffered taboo and entrapment as opiates to her angry entitled children who were in love with their new father who pandered to their pop-culture desire.

Her final suitor, though ultimately unsuccessful was a man despised for his love of God, the Lady’s creator and savior, as much as for his success in business. His success was used as a weapon in his ultimate defeat. His lack of desire to engage in the low character of his opponent’s attack, he tried simply to explain that though despised the wealthy are the creators of jobs. Nevertheless, Liberty’s children bowed in favor of the handout over the labors associated with the hand up.

Lady Liberty will be long remembered as someone whose inability to say no to her children led to her ultimate demise. Let us hope she did not die in vain. Our hope for change now spent, the best that we can expect would be continued governmental gridlock. Lady Liberty knew that ultimately entitlement led to entrapment. Her high toned ideals of a free market and loyal service may have died with her. One day her children will turn to the most entitled among them. The one who they gave a house, a car, an airplane, a helicopter, and a blank check, and he will look down upon them and smile. He will say, “You built this,” and coldly walk away.

Jim Layne is husband, father and veteran. He firmly believes in God and family first, Duty, Honor, Courage and a lot of other old fahioned ideals. A self confessed news junky, he distills the rhetoric down to its essential salts and serves it up in plain spoken terms.



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