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Albanians need to accept responsibility for our current state

By   /   November 1, 2012  /   Comments

Earlier this week, I wrote a column about how the entitlement mentality will ultimately doom Albany. I’ve gotten a fair amount of feedback from that column, much of it has quickly pointed the finger of responsibility at businesses and community leaders. What Albanians need to do is take responsibility for their part in our current state.
First, let’s take a look at what the businesses people have pointed at, saying that they are the reason Albany is in its current state. Firestone, Cooper Tire, and Merck are all held up as examples of companies that abandoned us in our hour of need. However, I have to ask what these companies owed to us? Nothing, that’s what. They exist to make a profit for their shareholders, not prop up a town in Southwest Georgia that consists of people who can’t even bother to educate themselves to be a better workforce.

Word from sources inside of Cooper Tire claim they left Albany because they couldn’t get as educated a workforce as elsewhere in the nation. For the level of education they were getting from employees in Albany, they could hire workers in Mexico at a fraction of the price. Leaving Albany was a no-brainer.

Another line of thought was that we should point our leadership. I won’t argue that they have dropped the ball in a lot of ways through the years. However, I have to point out that those leaders aren’t appointed by some despot a thousand miles away. No, they are elected by…wait for it…Albanians. That’s right, the people of Albany are responsible for who our leadership is.

It’s easy to point the finger at other people, but Albanians need to step up and make changes happen. They need to rally behind those who are trying to make things happen. They need to quit saying crap about needing to support “black owned” businesses – or any other kind of demographic group owned business for that matter – and do whatever we can to help local businesses thrive.

In addition, it’s up to Albanians to educate themselves on what is happening. They need to educate themselves on the issues, and even why the opposition is the opposition. A large number of people in this town automatically assume some positions are purely motivated by racism, that white people are trying to get power again, and never realize that there are practical reasons to oppose some of these boneheaded laws.

Albanians are to blame for the current state of Albany. It’s time that some quit blaming everyone else for the problem and start looking at what can be done to fix it. I’ve written about it before, and I will again, but I’m just one guy. The rest of Albany needs to step up as well.

Tom Knighton is the Editor and Publisher of the Albany Journal.

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