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A letter to Dr. Lane Price

By   /   November 7, 2012  /   Comments

 Dear Dr. Price, 

You have won. Many people throughout Albany applaud your victory, which probably feels very sweet to you at the moment. Enjoy it. You have a couple of months before you take office, so savor your victory. In January, you’ve got work to do.

The educational system in Dougherty County can only be described in negative terms. It’s bad, and I’m sure you already know that. We need a complete overhaul. We have a terrible administration, and a reputation for racial favoritism. It’s my hope that we will see that come to an end with you on the board.

Clearly, it’s not all on you. You’re only one vote after all. However, it’s my hope that there are at least three other members of the board that will help you on this.

People are leaving Dougherty County. We aren’t growing. We’re shrinking. The reason for that is only partially because of taxes. Much of it is education. They are fleeing to better schools.

Some have termed this as “white flight”, but that term denotes racial motivations. With this phenomenon, people don’t care about color. In fact, several who I know to have done this very thing are black. Not exactly the poster children for “white flight”.

What it is could probably be described as “school flight”, since that is what people are both running from and running to.

We, the people of Albany and Dougherty County, need you and the rest of the school board, to turn our system around. We need our children to be educated. Educated people are less likely to commit crimes. They create businesses. They make good employees. Generally, educated people are better for the economy than poorly educated folks are.

Dr. Price, we need you. We need your help. I ask this on behalf of thousands of Albanians who hope to see a school system that works for all Albanians. This isn’t just something we would like to see, it is something that we need to see.

We need to see bad teachers removed. We need to see good teachers rewarded. We need to see a superintendent whose motives are clear, and they are biased only towards the pursuit of excellence in our schools.

We, the people of Albany, are doing more than asking. We are begging. We are begging for your help. If we can’t see change, then Albany may well be lost forever. 


Tom Knighton
Tom Knighton is the Editor and Publisher of the Albany Journal.




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