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Well Placed Gaffes Manufacture Division/Union

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This election season has provided plenty of meat and potatoes for satirists, statisticians, and conspiracy theorists to say the least. Fading focus from a referendum on the most preferable of lesser evils within the GOP to the muck war waged by the President’s super-pacs, this has been one long ride. Among the also-rans, it was no surprise that the alleged philanderers received a sundry dismissal. Ron Paul, sorry bud there is only room for one radical agenda. As the contest has narrowed, some of these remarks seem a bit too targeted to be accidental.

Not to pick on the ladies upfront, but the hubbub surrounding the first lady’s naming of singer Beyonce Knowles for her own personal Freaky Friday does not out gaffe CNN’s Hilary Rosen’s statement that Ann Romney had, “Never worked a day in her life.” The attack drew Ms. Rosen criticism from peers and reignited the whole mom wars debacle. I would not be surprised if there were still mini-van loads of soccer moms searching for her in every deli in the tri-state.

While Mitt Romney made a number of gaffes early on, such as his noted, “I like to fire people,” remark for one, and the infamously spun, “I’m not concerned about the very poor.” He has since taken time to listen to his people and tried like heck-fire to get in touch with regular everyday people. His recent gaffe under pressure, the now well-known binder remark, was not premeditated. After having seen it cut into every newscast for the past week, I truly believe he was trying to illustrate the importance of equality in the workplace. The spin-doctors have little to say on Mr. Romney’s mention of God and his profession of faith, a characteristic that this writer applauds.

The battle of the Veeps, is more of a toddler pitching a fit while an adult is trying to talk.not really a battle, The Vice-President there is an attempting to demonize Paul Ryan’s plan for balancing the budget. The His plan might be considered very harsh by some considering that it essentially undoes all of the strides in BIG GOVERNMENT that have come into vogue, ratchets down requirements and qualifications for entitlement programs and does away with things like free phones. If Ryan has made any gaffe, it might have been in his attempt to explain finance and economics to a giggling buffoon.

Smokin’ Joe on the other hand might consider legally changing his name to Obi Gaffe Kenobi. From remarks concerning convenience store employees accents to a failed paraphrase of Teddy Roosevelt’s advice on getting anywhere in life, our VP is an equal opportunity gaffe artist. A few that glare like the sunset he is riding into are faux pas relating to his parents belief in his electability and the chain related statements concerning Wall Street and African Americans. Then there is repartee on the intimate nature of relationships with eight presidents. Perhaps not only a short leash, but also a muzzle might be in order, perhaps a call to the SPCA.

The final Florsheim sandwich award goes to our commander in chief. Mr. President, We the People would like to thank you for, “The Gaffe Heard ‘Round the World.” Naive, perhaps foolishly optimistic remarks caught on a red-hot open mic to Russian President Dmitriy Medvedev. We the People should be concerned about your need for more flexibility after the election. Among the list of problems this creates for you, is that now the rest of the world knows that you are up to something.

The real issues in this election are not the vocalsound bites t fry that the pundits hurl at the public. It is not about ads that exploit the lack of understanding. It is not (much to the dismay of many a liberal in line for their fifteen minutes) about long decided pop-culture social issues. This election must be about economic recovery, the ability of one candidate to create jobs over the other’s inability to do so. It is about digging out of a sixteen trillion dollar hole. It is not a fiscal cliff, folks. It is the edge of the abyss.


Jim Layne is husband, father and veteran. He firmly believes that God and family first, Duty, Honor, Courage and a lot of other old fahioned ideals. A self confessed news junky, he distills the rhetoric down to its essential salts and serves it up in plain spoken terms.

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