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Letter to the Editor: Comments on ‘John House wants to lose’

By   /   October 18, 2012  /   Comments

 Great Article for one. I met with John House, and we discussed issues on Taxation, War on Drugs and he talks the talk but I agree he doesn’t do much walking. I have my doubts and concerns at a time I am about to go early vote.

Reason I met with John House was his position on the FairTax. Yes, he is for it. However, he wants to keep War on Drugs on-going; in other words he thinks we need to keep the drug issues illegal. A cost of hundreds of billions of tax dollars wasted on an issue criminals are going to keep doing alone with the Federal Governments drugs operations.

On the other side, I have personally been with Sanford Bishop on the same issues of FairTax. Sanford has 5 “reservations”, as he called it, on the FairTax issues. However he has said he thinks FairTax is a good idea. He just has not supported FairTax.

So, since I have been with these two men in meetings, here is my personal view, one I have shared with my wife. I have John House’s signs in my yard but I told my wife and she agreed that with Sanford Bishop, at least, there are two ways you know how he is going to do things. If Sanford Bishop gets behind an idea, he will see it through even though we may not agree with him. Or Sanford will listen to others and follow their lead.

John House I questioned because after meeting with him personally, I have yet to see or hear back from him and that makes me question my support for John House. I have a friend in Thomasville who now is under Austin Scott’s district. This friend told me he’d rather be back in our district with Sanford Bishop because with Austin Scott you never hear or get to have a meeting with Austin.

This same friend has been with me on several occasions in Sanford Bishop’s office in Albany, while we both discussed the FairTax issue with Mr. Bishop. So, bottom line, with Sanford Bishop you can at least leave a message on his Facebook page or arrange to meet with him in one of his district offices. We all know Sanford will work with the Republicans even though he is a Democrat; however, most of time he will vote along those principles such as ObamaCare.

What will John House be like if we don’t hear or see from him? I question if he is another Austin Scott? For the first time I am undecided, as I wonder what choice do I have for someone to represent me in Washington. I refuse to be someone whose head is buried in the sand and do as this younger generation would say “Whatever”! Problem is I am about to make a choice in a matter of days while I am thinking of my 5 year old granddaughter’s future!

Charlie Prochaska


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