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John House wants to lose

By   /   October 17, 2012  /   Comments

 John House says he wants to beat Sanford Bishop. He has already defeated Ken DeLoach and Rick Allen. His supporters definitely want him to beat Bishop. The thing is, I don’t know that he really does.

A campaign that wants to win usually bombards the press with releases, media advisories, etc. Sanford Bishop’s people do that with this paper all the time. John House? Not so much.

I understand the conservative idea that the media is generally against the conservative candidate, but that’s hardly an excuse. For example, my libertarian leanings are pretty well known. That makes me far more open to running things from a Republican than some other papers might be.

House hasn’t been running television ads, or doing mailings, or any of the other typical campaign activities that reach a large number of voters. That might be a money issue, and I can accept that. A primary battle can be expensive enough, and then a runoff could push that even further.

Unfortunately, press releases are called “free media” in political circles. Why? If it gets run, it costs a campaign nothing yet it can have as much impact as any mailer ever will.

John House isn’t doing any of these. His inexperience in politics is starting to show, and I just don’t see Sanford Bishop going down to a neophyte who has a campaign that makes such easy mistakes.

Most people in the community don’t know what House stands for. Is he a neocon? Is he a libertarian leaning Republican? What kind of candidate is he really? Honestly, most folks just don’t know, and that falls squarely on his campaign.

Someone commented recently that if they have to tell the press about events, they’re doing our job for us. Not really. We have an entire community to cover, so we need a bit of help. In politics, campaigns especially have to do that. When they fail to do that, it’s a sign that they just don’t want to win.

John House certainly seems like a nice enough person. Unfortunately, Sanford Bishop is a nice person as well. We don’t vote for “the nicest person” to represent us in the United States House of Representatives. We vote for the person who best represents our views. Right now, John House seems to be banking on people finding out about him on their own, which is a recipe for disaster.

John House says he wants to win. His actions? They tell a different story.

Tom Knighton is the Editor and Publisher of the Albany Journal.

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