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It’s about time

By   /   October 10, 2012  /   Comments

The Dougherty County School System is now discussing the fate of school superintendent Joshua Murfree. The discussion comes after receiving a second letter from the state Department of Education. Now, the state is questioning expenditures…not the first such questions during Murfree’s tenure.

Dr. Joshua Murfree has been a complete train wreck as a superintendent. His controversial hiring was only the start of the distraction we know as Joshua Murfree. Despite being ranked 34th on the list of potential candidates, what looks like the modern version of the “good old boy network” hired him anyways.

During that time, he has managed to try to hamstring the CRCT investigation. Now, he was in no way responsible for the CRCT scandal. He wasn’t even involved in education below the college level at that time, so there was no way he could have been involved. Yet, he still somehow felt the need to try to micromanage the investigation that wasn’t even under his supervision.

There was also the subject of money being spent on a “motivational speaker” for Saturday students. This is during a time when teachers are being furloughed to cut expenditures. Of course, there was a federal investigation on the alleged misuse of Title I funds.

Now, we find the hiring of a permanent principal at Albany High School being taken out of the hands of the DCSS as the State of Georgia has decided that they will handle the process. Now, as someone who has been accused of seeing government overreach far, far too much I have to point out that this is something the state would rather not do. This is purely the result of a breakdown in effective leadership in the DCSS.

It is the hope of this publication that the DCSS steps up and does the right thing. Months ago, we called for the removal of Dr. Joshua Murfree from his position. That position has not changed. In fact, it is only being solidified by recent revelations. It is past time for the Dougherty County Board of Education to remove him and begin the process of finding someone who can turn our system around.

This is about what is best for our children. Dougherty County has to compete with Lee County for taxpayers. The difference in school systems is a huge part of the reason why Dougherty County is shrinking and Lee County is growing.

Please, Dougherty County Board of Education, do the right thing. Help all of us live in a better place by putting aside the idiocy of the recent past and make a move that will help improve the county as a whole.

Tom Knighton is the Editor and Publisher of the Albany Journal.

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