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The Kattalistt Co : The RiversAlive

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Good day friends! This is #NVR reporting to you from the grey space between the internet and real life. I’ve been procrastinating a bit this week because last weekend went so much better than I expected. And for those of you that don’t know: The Kattalistt Group hosted a RiversAlive Clean-up Event on the Kinchafoonee Creek in Lee County.

And I have to confess; I was rattled. Dozens of questions plagued me right up until the morning of the event. Many of these concerns were settled when our core group met at my house at 7AM Saturday before last. Finally, after a week of difficult terrain, something had gone right: everyone was awake and on point for our day of, mad katt dash to launch by 9AM.

As the morning moved on our event came together perfectly. Ultimately, thirty two individuals came together and canoed from the recently closed Sandy Beach Road Boat ramp to the U.S. 19 bridge just north of Albany.  Over the seven hour journey we collected 580 pounds of debris from the creek, including a well tank, eight tires, roughly 140 cans and bottles, as well as various bits of scrap metal and plastic.

In short, we had a great time doing some great things for our community and ecosystem. And we would like to extend a thank you to all the sponsors who made the whole event possible. The Flint RiverQuarium, the Lee County Board of Commissioners, Adventure Dive Center, the Albany Mellow Mushroom, and Urban Missions, Inc. helped us tremendously with the logistics of the whole event.

The Kattalistt Co is a free form organization that is working to improve the appearance, appeal, and reputation of our hometown and surrounding area. We are a volunteer, crowd-sourced organization with big hopes of improving south west Georgia. And we are organizing a variety of events in the coming months and years. Many of these events will be open to the public, such as our Public Forum event that takes place in Riverfront Park about every two weeks. And is a setting for people who are interested in improving the region to come together and discuss ideas about how to do exactly that.

We are also working with the FlintRiverQuarium, the Downtown Arts Coalition, and Makerspace Albany in the planning of the River Zombie 5K at the end of October. The event promises to be a good time for everyone and we look forward to planning and participating in it.

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