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Some thoughts on Heard’s attempted candidacy

By   /   August 13, 2012  /   Comments Off

When we learned that Lorenzo Heard had tried to have his name added to the November ballot, many in the area began to scratch their heads.  Heard, who had expressed no public interest in office before, seemed an unlikely independent candidate. He claims that his decision to run was the final result of a lengthy process.

I’m sorry if I don’t believe that.

You see, Heard’s efforts were largely silent prior to Price’s victory over Anita Williams-Brown. It was only after the results were in that any word surfaced that he was interested in running.  A call reportedly went out on his church’s Facebook page for signatures in an almost 11th hour effort, and it looks like only a technicality has prevented him from appearing on the ticket.

The problem is, this smacks of being a racially motivated move.  Would this have happened if Price had lost? I would venture to say he wouldn’t have bothered.

For too long, political decisions in this town have been motivated by race rather than reality.  Once upon a time, it was white folks making those calls.  Today, it’s not.

The problem is, decisions based on race rarely work out well.  Every now and then, one may stumble into a good decision but we shouldn’t really count on it.  The people of Albany seemed to have gotten the message, at least for the time being.  They elected Lane Price to take the at-large seat on the Dougherty County Board of Education.

For that to have happened enough Albanians had to put aside the racial bias of years past and decided that it was better to empower the school board to actually make some positive changes for our children’s future.

Lorenzo Heard may simply believe that he would serve the community better than Dr. Price.  However, Dr. Price is an unknown quantity while there are plenty of members to target who are known for whom they really are that could have been targeted.

We may well be fortunate that a technicality is keeping Heard off the ballot.  Ginger Nickerson’s office has declined to answer my questions regarding the particulars of the technicality, but that answer may well be irrelevant. Nickerson’s office and their efforts to stick to the rules as they understand them in this instance may well spare the children of Dougherty County.

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