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Rick Allen receives endorsements

By   /   August 15, 2012  /   Comments Off

Written by Tom Knighton

Rick Allen isn’t running the typical campaign folks are used to seeing on congressional races.  With little money coming in, there haven’t been any big advertising buys.  Instead, Allen has gone the old fashioned way and has met as many people in the Second District as humanly possible.  The result of that effort was a first place finished in the GOP primary on July 31.

Allen can’t rest on that laurel though.  He wasn’t able to secure the magic 50 percent plus one votes needed to avoid the runoff.  Now he has to take on retired Army Colonel John House.  However, his approach does seem to have landed him some significant endorsements.

Shortly after the primary, Allen secured the endorsement of third place finisher Ken DeLoach.  Earlier today, he added quite a few other feathers in his cap.

Outside the government center, state representative Ed Rynders stood at a podium.  Also with him was his colleague in the General Assembly, Jay Powell.  Also there was Dougherty County commissioner Lamar Hudgeons and Lee County commissioner Rick Muggridge.  All where there to put their support behind the medical supply company owner from Columbus.

Rynders recounted Representative Sanford Bishop visit to Albany last week. “He kept saying, ‘We’ve got to have the right balance,’ which is code for raising taxes,” Rynders said before the assembled crowd.  Rynders went on to say that the problem wasn’t taxing or balance, but a spending problem.

Rynders went on to say, “Congressman Bishiop has been part of that Washington bureaucracy for years.”

Rep. Bishop wasn’t the only target for Rynders who argued that government needed to stay out of healthcare. “We learned one thing from the Supreme Court, and that is that it’s a tax,” referring to the so-called “individual mandate” that the court recently justified as a tax for those who do not have health insurance.

In supporting Allen, Rynders argued that he was trying to fix a broken system that has hurt the Albany area. “How can we sit in one of the poorest communities in the nation and not say the system is broken?”  Then, speaking on behalf of the other officials present, Rynders endorsed Rick Allen.

Allen, who owns a wholesale medical supply business, shared the story of his past and how that has shaped his beliefs.  He reports that he and his father took over a commission only sales route, and turned it into a full scale business, referring to it as “the American dream.”

He then recounted a story about how Walt Disney built Disneyworld within two years, from the point of getting the loan to opening the park.  Allen commented that with the regulatory state that exists today, that just wouldn’t happen. “You can’t the zoning done in two years,” he said.

Allen said, “we’re here to restore the families that have been crushed” by the current economic conditions.  He also described himself as being a fiscal conservative and a school choice candidate.  Allen also said he was a believer in term limits. “I’m just asking for a temporary job,” he said.

Congressional candidate Rick Allen (center) picked up key endorsements, including from Dougherty County commissioner Lamar Hudgeons (left of Allen) and Lee County commissioner Rick Muggridge (right of Allen)

All closed by asking everyone to remember to vote in the runoff election on August 21.  “I need your vote,” he said.

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