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Purity of the games

By   /   August 20, 2012  /   Comments Off

As I got ready to write today I had a totally different idea in mind, but after what I saw this past weekend I just had to change gears and write about sports at their purest. I watched the Little League World Series and have to say just how refreshing it was to see athletes compete for the joy of playing the game. It seems like it’s been a long time.

Just this last week we all heard about the 50 game suspension of the San Francisco Giant Melky Cabrera for use of performance enhancing drugs, and then trying to come up with a fake web site to try cover his wrong doing. This punishment could very well cost his team a chance to be in the playoffs this year. In my opinion it should also cost the N.L. home field advantage in the World Series as this is the man that won the all star MVP and helped greatly the NL win the all star game was cheating. I know it is widely felt that most players in professional sports are doing something that is cheating. That does not make it right, and that should upset us fans a great deal as do you want someone that is using PEDs. as a role model for our kids and grand kids?

We also learned last week That L.S.U. player Tyrann Mathieu had been released from the team because he had failed a drug test for the third or fourth time. He has now entered a rehab center with the hope of returning to the team next season. My question is why did L.S.U. wait so long to take this action if he had failed that many tests? They cannot say they were looking out for the player. My guess is they did not want to hurt their chances of winning last season.

These are only two that have been in the news lately but we all know that there are many guiltier of this kind of cheating in most all sports and not just in this country but around the world. Hell there was someone caught cheating at the Scrabble(tm) World Championship.

That’s why I really enjoyed the Little League World Series as it was refreshing to watch these boy’s compete because they Love the game. They actually show good sportsmanship to all those they are playing with and against, and know that is true and not forced. So I beg you before you start watching the MLB, NCAA or the NFL this season watch the true athletes who are playing the game the way it should be played, The LOVE of it.

But I Ramble.


Gene Termunde grew up in Albany and attended Westover high school and graduated in 1976, then went to South Dakota State University till 1980, playing football at both schools. While growing up here, he received my eagle award while being a member of troop 115 and was active with the FFA and other activities. He has married and have three children. He works at The Albany Journal and is an assistant scout master at Troop 3.

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