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WhayCha Say, Albany?

By   /   July 24, 2012  /   Comments Off


DON’T YOU HAVE to be in the same district to fill a Riggins’ seat or am I thinking something different?



IF IT’S A temporary appointment, so I don’t believe it should affect anything.



I WAS TOLD the person has to come from same district–I did not know this and have not verified. Perhaps we are better off without a person at the moment.



IF RIGGINS’ SEAT remains vacant, it seems to me there’s a obvious shift in power.



THERE IS. AT least now the Failed Four aren’t a majority…it’s the Failed Three for all intents and purposes, and that evens things up a bit.



BASICALLY, AT THREE to three, Board of Education gridlock could result and nothing gets done. Is this a bad thing?



CONSIDERING WHAT HAPPENS when they do get something done, I’m going say “no, it’s not a bad thing”.



THE EFFORT TO get B.J. Fletcher appointed to fill Velvet Riggins’ seat was based on a misunderstanding of the process in this instance.  How dare some papers run a story about it now when even the writers of the petition have stopped pushing it.



THE LOCAL ECONOMY is in the toilet.  Gangs disrupt our fireworks display, and Mayor Hubbard’s solution is to require every teen under 18 to be with a parent? So much for teen participation in Albany events.  Teenagers don’t want to be with their folks.  If they’ve been raised right, it doesn’t matter.  If not, you’re going to have to arrest them eventually anyways.


HOW ABOUT JAMES Taylor’s suggestion to stop people from roaming around downtown? They want us down there 364 days of the year, but the day we’re most likely to go, he wants to confine us to a particular area?  Forget that!



LEAVE IT TO the City of Albany to want to use more authority because they failed to prevent incidents.  They blow it, and the people of Albany have to suffer!


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