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WhatCha-Say Albany?

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HOPE THE FTC does a better than usual job on this case against Phoebe–a lot at stake impacting the entire nation.



REHBERG AND BAGNATO were not the ONLY people that were attacked here for speaking their minds. There have been plenty. The bigger a threat you are to the powers that be, the bigger a target you paint in your own back.



AS I RECALL from seeing video several yrs ago it showed several hospital doing what PPMH was doing about uninsured billing. Most if not all of those who were ‘caught’ corrected their methods. To my knowledge PPMH has not and has gone further to take Palmyra. This is hard for me to understand.



PHOEBE HAS A monopoly and no longer even have to pretend to do right. They have bought up most of south Georgia and are not stopping. They will be trying to acquire at least 2 other hospitals in the area, so I hear.



I FEEL PALMYRA went belly up-partly because Phoebe opposed them at every turn to get other options. And I have felt from the Beginning that these two were the bravest of men. I wonder what is going to happen to Bagnato now, since he does his surgery at Palmyra.



BAGNATO IS NOW in Macon. He cannot use either hospital here. He does keep an office here.



SPEAKING OF PHOEBE, I was among the people whose information was “compromised” by the employee who did taxes for us. Glad she got a refund-I can’t. But we were offered free credit checks-and I called-promised, but never got a thing. Anyone else?



THERE ARE MEMBERS of this community who don’t seem to care if the system has a 54% graduation rate and that three of the four high schools are in the AYP NI category for more than three years each.

It’s all about keeping a power base and holding onto what they got.



WHEN I WAS in school, parents always went to PTA meetings and moms always volunteered to help out in school. My Mom was good about both. Now people treat school like nothing but a babysitter.



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