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Do you ever wonder what people/companies that are considering a move to Albany think when they read an article like this in the AJC, or any other paper for that matter. The comments certainly add to the perception that Albany is not a place anyone wants to be if they have any choice in the matter.
I think before it’s over ALL sectors of government will come down. It will start with the board of education but will include judges, city commissioners, managers you name it. As crooked as they all are makes me wonder if someone is getting a kickback for a new bridge!

How does it look when “crooks” are ousting crooks?

Exactly… so for me… and this is just ME and my opinion, I don’t trust any of them, including him now. It makes me sick. If the Governor is being dishonest, I mean really?!?!?!?!? Come on now… who do we go to next?

You know I hate to have to depend on a outside source to come in and judge what’s going on here(Deal)! Its blatantly obvious that this situation here is dysfunctional and has been for some time! The public schools and its employees are the ones suffering. I am seriously concerned about my child’s education going forward.

He had similar “ethics” violation as a representative. so it should not come as a surprise. he ducked out before any penalties could be levied, and now he’s the governor. Ethics violation only seem to matter when it’s the other side (whichever side you are on) doing the violating.

It was generally known he had “issues” when elected, not with my help by the way. I decided to not vote in that election. But if someone comes in to look at DCSS, it won’t be him personally anyway. Any work will be done by others and he will be provided options for a decision just as with any other case given to a governor–a position paper with a spot to check “yes” or “no”.

So every black employee and official must be replaced with another black employee? Really? Does that hold true for white employees and officials? What does or should race have to do with it anyway? Will we ever get over making race a part of everything here? In reality, whites are a minority here.

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