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Tablet Wars

By   /   July 29, 2012  /   Comments Off

               Tablet wars are heating up appropriate to the season.  As the sidewalks sizzle, so do tablet sales.  What’s all the fuss?  What is a tablet anyway?  It’s a computer!  It’s a toy? It’s both and it can be used for some work even though at present most uses lean to the entertainment end of the spectrum.  This is changing and will fuel another round of sales increases as productivity software improves.

The big news is Google’s Nexus rollout which appears headed to capture the 7 inch market by storm.      Others have tried, but according to early reviews and sales figures, the Nexus with an Android Operating System seems to be the real deal.  This product with a starting price of $199 will satisfy a whole new stratum of customers who just couldn’t spring for the more pricey Apple products.

What should you look for in a tablet?  Think about size for one thing.  Basically you are choosing between a nominal 7 inch screen and one around 10 inches.  Examine both sizes before you buy.  Secondly, will you operate on a WiFi network or do you need to be completely portable and purchase a 3 G model with a monthly wireless plan?  Consider the OS.  If you already have an IOS device or an Android device, you may want to buy a tablet with the same OS to make synching simpler.  Consider a high resolution camera model if you’re into videos and Skype.  Tablets start with storage of 8 gigs and range up to 16 and 32 mostly.  Do you need more space or are you comfortable with using Cloud storage?


The Apple iPad is still king of the hill with its top performing 9.7 inch premium tablet.  Don’t write Apple off in the 7 inch market as rumors persist about a so called “iPad Mini” to be announce later this year with a 7.85 inch screen and a much lower price point.  According to The New York times:  “Apple’s plan for a tablet with a smaller screen is part of a textbook business strategy: to lure customers who want different sizes of tablets into the iPad product family…The strategy would most likely include devices with different prices and functions tailored to various uses… The idea is to help Apple solidify its dominance in the tablet market even as the richest companies in the tech business are trying to figure out how to outflank Apple.”

Asus Transformer Pad products are also highly regarded in the tablet market and Amazon’s Kindle Fire is top rated as a reading and media consumption tablet in recent c/net reviews.

All this competition sounds good for consumers as it can only lead to better products and lower prices.  Bring on Amazon with additions to its Kindle Fire line.  Hop in Microsoft and Dell and others.  This is American enterprise and ingenuity at its best; even if the final products are made offshore.

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