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Shut your mouth

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According to the bible, there is a time to speak and a time to keep your mouth shut. (Ecclesiastes 3:7)
Joseph had a dream that his family would bow down to him. But what made young Joe think that sharing this story with his already jealous brothers was a good idea? Sometimes it is best just to keep your mouth shut especially when it comes to God’s promises. We have no record of God telling Joseph to share this dream. God still brought about a good end – and He will with you as well. But there is no need to go through added difficulties just because you couldn’t control your tongue.

If course there is a time to speak. Whether you’re lovingly bringing correction, warning of danger, drawing boundaries or even being prophetic, there are times when speaking is appropriate. And some obvious examples of, “shut your mouth” are those times we speak from a heart of jealousy, anger, or when we are trying to somehow gain an advantage over another person. The less obvious times maybe are those where you have information and must choose whether or not to share it. Knowing something does not have to translate into saying something. It’s much like teaching a child when to tell and when the telling is nothing more than snitching.

This holds true in spiritual matters. I believe that when God promises you something, it doesn’t have to mean say or do something.

Joseph made a “say” something mistake. Abraham made a “do” something mistake. God promised Abraham a son. Abraham did not need to add to that promise nor do anything to see it come to fruition. Instead, he slept with a slave girl and out came Ishmael. There has been trouble in the Middle East ever since. It is one thing to know something – it is another to act on it. Moses apparently had a burden for his people but it didn’t mean that he should kill an Egyptian.

I believe that God often tells us things in confidence. We should hold them there until we are led to do more with the information we have received.

This is not rocket science. If you’re old enough to read this you know that you have shared things with people trusting that they would keep it to themselves. How’d that work out for you? I bet you have shared something that someone gave you and later wish you hadn’t. Remember, everybody has that one person they tell everything too. Learn to bridal your tongue.

I am a believer that all truth comes in seed form. Give yourself time to see how God brings things into fruition. Let it grow on its own. You might find that God will do all the talking for you. It has been my experience that He will let you know when it’s time to speak

Doug Rea is the Pastor at Connections in Albany, GA.

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