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Rivers Alive Brief

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Greetings! #NVR again… And this week I want to talk to you about waterways. This past weekend a couple of our members devoted their Saturday to helping to clean up some of our South Georgia creeks. They did this by coordinating with a state wide effort to clean up our states waterways. That effort, called RiversAlive, is a community crowd-sourced effort to collect and clean up trash that has been littered, dumped, and left in waters throughout the state.

Early last Saturday roughly 150 people came out and took to the waters all over Lee County to join in the effort. Our members, #Centrisian and #Br1nk, took a jonboat and put in at the Century Road boat ramp. Over the next six hours they loaded the “jon-barge” with scrap, tires, bottles, cans, and even the occasional length of rubber hose.

The biggest and most daunting pull was more than half of a fiberglass boat which was last registered in 1995 and has been on the radar of the organizers since at least last year. Quite a few air conditioners were pulled out as well. The Lee County Community Emergency Response Team was on hand as well to keep the Volunteers safe and to treat any injuries incurred while picking sharp objects out of the sediment.

The event in Lee County is coordinated by County Marshal Jim Wright and has been for the past seven years. The recovered refuse from the event will be tallied and weighed against last year’s effort which pulled nearly two tons of trash out of the Lee County waterways.

It has come to our attention that an event coordinated through RiversAlive scheduled in Dougherty Country in late October. Further information can be found on the RiversAlive website at www.RiversAlive.com.

Sadly, even our best efforts to clean up the waterways are somewhat thwarted by our fellow citizenry. And just the next day as I snorkeled along the same creek I encountered a slew of drink bottles, cans, and other debris still littering the depths of the Kinchafoonee Creek. Hopefully in the near future my friends and I will be able to take the “jon-barge” on another trek to collect anything else we can find in the murky depths.

In other news the week ahead holds many challenges and joys for our team here at The Kattalistt Group. We are working feverishly to get the finishing touches on our website, forum, and E-store. Additionally we are planning a slew of public events to raise awareness and proactive involvement in our community. Look for more information soon on our website at www.ChangeIntoAnIdea.org and on our Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/theKattalisttComm. Any information you’d like shared about upcoming events and causes can be directed to theKattalistt@ChangeIntoAnIdea.info.




James C. Malphrus is the founder of Kattalistt Communications. He can be reached by emailing JCM@ChangeIntoAnIdea.org

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