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Shut your mouth

By   /  July 21, 2012  /  Doug Rea  /  Comments Off


Tweet According to the bible, there is a time to speak and a time to keep your mouth shut. (Ecclesiastes 3:7) Joseph had a dream that his family would bow down to him. But what made young Joe think that sharing this story with his already jealous brothers was a good idea? Sometimes it is [...]

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A Symbiotic Community of Global Villages

By   /  July 21, 2012  /  Rev. Hood  /   Comments

Keith Hood

Tweet This is Janice (Keith’s wife) continuing on about my trip to Burkina Faso, Africa. Last week I talked about the harmonic convergence of worlds. I described my journey back into the Dark Continent—specifically Burkina Faso. I went with a group of 22 Army ROTC cadets and two cadre (captains). If you want more details [...]

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Fights Stop Fireworks

By   /  July 21, 2012  /  Jim Wilcox  /  Comments Off

Tweet The hooligans, who went rampaging downtown on the Fourth of July, disrupted what’s supposed to be a fun event, and a public display of honor and patriotism. It brought shame to the city of Albany, and caused a near panic in families who were there with their children, to see the fireworks display that [...]

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