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Whatcha Say, Albany

By   /   July 17, 2012  /   Comments Off

It amazes me how people can say they’ve won or their life has improved by leaving Albany – but I notice 2 things – 1) They continue to discredit any improvement in Albany or 2) They moved to Lee County – which, let’s face it, is tied to Albany at the hip. What affects Albany will in face effect Leesburg.



Simply living in Lee County doesn’t make anyone more or less better than anybody in Albany. Many residents in Lee County commute to Albany for employment or shopping. As such, tax dollars are spent and earned in Albany. It’s no attempt to alienate people that live in Lee County. It’s a shared relationship that exists between two communities that are tied closer than most people are willing to accept. Living in Lee County does allow one to be governed by different officials but most people in Lee County do come to Albany at some point – or Americus in some cases. Either way, with Albany being the central metropolitan hub for this area, its economy and prosperity are indirectly tied to those around it.



What do you think about Taylor’s press release Friday? I think he is in a little bit of denial but moving in the right direction.



I’m not so sure it was about denial, but it’s just a recognition of a problem that occurred. His suggestions on how to combat future problems were somewhat vague. You can suggest on doing things, but implementation is key there.



Mr. Taylor, can you please stop with the spin? 17 year olds aren’t a bunch of unsupervised kids who got carried away.  They’re a sign of the real problems in this town. Pretending they’re something they aren’t is just plain ridiculous.



So, there were 80 to 90 cops at the civic center, yet they couldn’t deal with some unruly “children”? No wonder people are fleeing this town left and right.



I’m done with downtown.  The people in this community don’t want to see it get better, so I’m done trying to make it any better.  Lee County, here I come.



Don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you with that kind of attitude!

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