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CAN’T LET THE county clowns get ahead of them raising taxes now can they?

I REALLY WISH I could leave this town, and go much farther away than Lee County.

SO THE COUNTY asks Phoebe for money, but the city goes ahead and raises taxes

I DON’T AGREE with Jack Stone on many issues but he makes a valid point on this one. Get ‘em boy!!

EVERY NOW AND then Jack comes through with something that makes sense. I just listen more closely when he speaks.

TELEVISING THE COMMISSION meetings is a show I want to see. Especially the morning meetings. That is where they really make all the decisions. Those are held in a small conference room, even if a nice crowd was able to attend, there are few accommodations and not enough room. Also they are held when most people are at work. Televise them on cable access and the Internet so people can watch them when they are able.

LET’S TALK SIMPLE math. Mr. Youngblood will have Mr. Maschke’s seat without opposition. This is a good thing. James Bush and Velvet Riggins say that their honesty and great work have secured them both another term, so we are stuck with them. That’s 2-1 with favor to poor leadership. Let’s add Carol Tharin, June Bug Griffin, and Mr. Ealum and consider who the not-so Fab 4 are. This puts the dos vs. duds at a 3-3 tie. The tie breaker~ the one that everyone needs to watch and VOTE for is Anita Williams-Brown and Dr. Lane Price. With all of the public outrage over the the impropriety of the undisclosed relationship of Williams-Brown and #34, there is no reason why the AT LARGE seat should remain giving the balance of power to the Fab 4.

WE CAN HOPE Velvet will be behind bars, but if she does end up there, her replacement would likely be of the same ilk.

VELVET IS NOT going to jail. She might be removed by the Governor, but she might cut a plea. She might also elect for a trail before a jury of her peers. Do you think she would be convicted?


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