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WhatCha-Say Albany?

By   /   June 24, 2012  /   Comments Off


Albany, Dalton and Rome, Ga are the only cities listed for Georgia as still in a recession.




I hope they emphasize to the attendees of the T-SPLOST meeting that all will be paying including them. I haven’t heard the usual wailing and gnashing of teeth about how such taxes normally hurt the poor the most. Must be a matter of full disclosure not being made.




By 2015, Taylor wants the city to have thoroughly researched possible conversion of all city vehicles to compressed natural gas, and to sell underutilized city property, such as parks and vacant lots. Sale parks really? Have they considered the Heritage House property that they will have to sale as well? And let us not forget the potential hiring of consultants to see if any of this is viable.



Albany’s parks are all sinkholes, it is why they became parks in the first place. The vacant lots are all in bad parts of town.



Now that I think about the parks, most are sinkholes. I believe Tift may be the exception, but I’m not entirely sure on that.



The city has hundreds of parcels of land thanks to buy outs with federal money after the floods. Often, it is being given or virtually given away to those who will rebuild houses so any money would be welcome. Much of it is certainly not choice property. Other has been used for housing the city has built and sells. Getting it on the tax rolls would be an improvement but I don’t see park sales.



Leave it to Tom Knighton to criticize an anti-littering campaign. I bet he would blast Jesus’ turning water into wine for contributing to alcoholism.



Get real. Knighton is right.  It took the mayor this long to come up with something that just amounts to “clean up after yourself”, and needed taxpayer dollars to host a cookout.  If she had done more, this would just be a blip on the radar.  As it is, this is ALL she’s done.  Sounds like “smoke and mirrors” to me.



Hubbard hasn’t done anything, and won’t do anything.  Why is anyone shocked by this revelation?  This is a woman who doesn’t think crime is a problem in this town and said so just days before someone drove a backhoe into a pawn shop. Absolutely clueless.


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