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IN ORDER FOR us to get change here locally we need to vote people that actually will do something to downtown and the civic center. Right now that is draining money!


I ALWAYS VOTE. We need better people to vote for too. I wish more people that are capable of holding office, would run. I do understand why they do not want to. Have you signed our two petitions on here yet Kimberly? We have one to get the commission meetings televised again, and another asking Murfree & Goseer to step down from the school board. We really need people to promote those.


THE PROBLEM WITH the local voting is lack of information on the candidates!


PRIOR TO THE last election, I posted loads of information on the candidates. Examples being links to candidates’ websites and various public records resources. The group invited candidates to join our group and participate in the dialogue. Maybe 2 joined. We have over 400 members, but 10% of them, at best, are active. Local politicians have little interest in engaging with the public with transparency. On our end of it, we have a huge problem with voter apathy. There are examples of local election results that are based on voter turnout, or lack of. Then we get what we had yesterday, which is the way they want it.


MAYBE IT’S JUST me, but I’m really sick of the local government’s desire to blame every problem on us.  That’s all the mayor’s new litter campaign is.  WE are supposedly the problem.  It’s no different than Willie Adams claiming that the media was to blame for the perception of Albany after the Don Buie fiasco…as if they should just ignore it.


ALBANY’S REALLY BECOME notorious for walking around with blinders on.  There aren’t really any problems or anything, right? Surely the media just made up the whole mess.  The fact that Buie was convicted surely isn’t anything of importance.


YOU KNOW WHO loves the Albany City Commission, the Dougherty County Commission and the Dougherty County School System? Lee County.  I don’t care what Lon McNeil tries to say, Albany is its own worst enemy.




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