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Water, Gas & Light; a help or a nuisance?

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Water, Gas & Light customers need to pay close attention to their power, water, and sewage bills.  The residential rates for the City of Albany’s only power company vary based on a six month span. The months of May through October their rates are higher than the months of November through April.

During May through October which is commonly the hotter months of the year, the electric portion of the bill is higher and customers pay more for use.  Also during these months more homes are seeking a cooler climate than that of the southern heat index.  The question by more customers should be why do we pay more during these months when we use more during these month?

Since customers use more electricity during these months the price or rate should be lower than normal because customers are using more.  More importantly those on fixed income or with limited resources are monitoring their thermostat because they recognize the higher than normal power bills that they receive during the hotter months.

It would make more sense to lower the cost during the months that customers use more power because it is a known fact that they use more power and the company makes more money.  Instead Water, Gas & Light raise the rates and make more money than they did the prior six months.  This ultimately hurts the customers and causes them to be late, get their power disconnected, or ultimately can’t afford the bill and are without lights for several months.  Is this a benefit or a detriment to having a local power company supply you with electrical, water, and sewage needs?

Since Water, Gas & Light has to purchase power from the Georgia Power Company for the use of their power lines, etc., it would make more sense to just allow Georgia Power to directly offer services to the customers and cut out the middle man.

The sewage rates are also based on a monthly rate and whether or not you’re in the city or outside of the city limits.  Why people who are locally in the city have to pay more for sewage than those outside the city limits is asinine.  Since the city’s power company services the city limits, those outside the city limits should pay more for sewage than those who are in the city.  Wow!  City dwellers pay double of what those outside are required to pay.  Whatever happened to power being deregulated so that customers could choose who they want to service them? This would ultimately cause Water, Gas and Light to lose a lot of revenue and possibly close down.

With the new electric meters, which has already caused a lot of misreads for many customers along with the other issues that are alleged such as these meters causes health problems.  Also the miss reads that have been made due to these new digital meters are more of a problem than a help.  Wake up Albanians, research and question the decisions made in this city that affects us all.



Albany area resident M. Douglas is a graduate of Albany State University with a degree in journalism and is a Masters student in public relations at Kent State University.

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