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Menopause is unavoidable but being miserable is not! Up until the 1950’s women gave birth to children and experience the change of life more or less with out many problems. Then women in developed nations began to experience hot flashes, mood swings, night sweats, anxiety, depression and many other symptoms. Over 70% of American women now experience these discomforts.   An interesting fact is women in Japan remain free from these problems, as long as they eat traditional Japanese foods. When they adopt a Western diet, they begin to suffer the same problems as we do. This shows that diet plays a major role in your menopausal experience!

Abundant health requires a precise balance between estrogen and progesterone. If this balance tilts too far toward estrogen a condition called “estrogen dominance” occurs. Research scientists believe this condition is the trigger for menopausal distress. Estrogen dominance may be caused by adrenal weakness, synthetic estrogens or what Traditional Chinese Medicine calls weak or stagnant blood.

During childbearing years, most of your progesterone you make in your ovaries. As menopause nears, the ovaries falter. At this time, the adrenal glands become your primary progesterone source. Unfortunately, poor diet, stimulants and extreme stress can leave these glands unable to carry the load.

Synthetic estrogens are found in plastics, shampoos, cosmetics and commercially raised poultry and meats. They are so powerful that they can overwhelm progesterone, giving rise to estrogen dominance.

Hormones are delivered to cells by the blood. If your blood is overly viscous, or if circulation is poor the delivery process may be impaired. This too can cause estrogen dominance.

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