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Response to Anderson’s ‘DISGUSTING’

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You know what’s disgusting to me? The older generation making asinine generalizations about the younger generation because they are too feeble minded to stop judging others for one second and worry about their own lives.

My generation dresses COMFORTABLE. We aren’t stiffs who dress to serve others. We have a sense of self that allows us to be expressive, and non-conformant. We are happy with who we are, how we look, and what we’ve been through in our lives. The older generations were raised to do everything, breathe every breath, step every step, to impress someone else. Why? What is that someone else going to do for you? How is that someone else going to teach you a life lesson that only YOU can learn? Is that someone else going to make a decision for you that you will one day look back on with the kind of appreciation as if you made it for yourself? Nope.

It seems like every generation has a problem with how the “younger” generation dresses. In the 60s it was miniskirts and go-go boots. In the 70s it was hip-hugging bell bottoms, long hair and beards, and “fringe”. In the 80s it was designs cut into the side of one’s head as a hairstyle. In the 90s it was “grunge” and pretty much anything Madonna wore. When will the older generations simultaneously stop being hypocrites by not judging the younger generations? I’m pretty sure there were “fads” during Ted’s youth that the older generations frowned upon. And what EXACTLY does Ted mean by “good upstanding children in the community”? Does he mean white kids? What exactly classifies someone as “good” and “upstanding”? And if the “good upstanding children” are sagging their pants, how does Ted suggest we tell them apart from the self-disrespecting young folks? Income? Skin color? Tisk-tisk-tisk, Mr. Anderson…

Secondly, “the marijuana” is the safest “illegal” drug out there. No one has ever EVER died strictly from marijuana. If you know someone who knows someone who heard of someone dying or overdosing on marijuana, you seriously need to ask yourself why you have surrounded yourself with mindless idiots. And the “younger generations” are not the FIRST to use marijuana. Did Ted Anderson sleep through the 60′s and 70′s? And marijuana leads to the usage of “heavier drugs” about as much as milk leads to alcoholism… Have you ever met an alcoholic who never drank milk? Hmmm… There are numerous scientific studies that have proven that marijuana usage does not lead to addiction, whether it be to marijuana or any other drug; in 1937 the American Medical Association claimed that there was nothing in the use of cannabis that had any relation to addiction, in 1944 the New York Academy of Medicine claimed “the practice of smoking marihuana does not lead to addiction in the medical sense of the word… The use of marihuana does not lead to morphine or heroin or cocaine addiction… Marihuana is not the determining factor in the commission of major crimes…”,  in 1968 the Wootton Report written by the UK government’s Advisory Committee on Drug Dependence found that the use of cannabis was LESS dangerous that the use of opiates, amphetamines, barbiturates, and also ALCOHOL, and in 1972 the National Commission on Marijuana and Drug Abuse (“Shafer Commission”) appointed by President Nixon recommended decriminalizing marijuana due to it having no negative health effects or dependency issues.

Thirdly, oh that rap music!!! Ted seems to over look country music talking about getting drunk constantly, and about rock music lyrics mentioning sex in almost every other song. But let’s just pinpoint rap music to complete our “Crochety Old White Man” persona. Let’s avoid the fact that music during Ted’s generation was just as rebellous. He had Johnny Cash (a personal favorite of mine) singing about things like doing shots of cocaine and shooting his woman, or shooting a man just to watch him die. He had The Angels singing about motorcycle gang leaders threatening flirtatious youth. He had The Doors singing about how they couldn’t get much higher. And he had Elvis throwing young girls into hysteria with a little hip wiggle. Sounds to me like Ted Anderson’s generation was simply giving the younger generation of today something to build upon.

So in conclusion, perhaps Ted Anderson should learn how to do just a LITTLE bit of research before throwing his asinine opinion out there, perhaps the older generation should mind its own business, perhaps the younger generation should remember how they are treated by the older generation and not treat the generation after us in the same manner, and perhaps the older generation should worry more about how the “disgusting” younger generation is having to work full time to pay the older generation’s social security. YOU’RE WELCOME!


Ashley Branch is a resident of the Albany area and contributes occasionally to The Albany Journal.
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