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Letter to the Editor

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I admire any man who is a strong enough leader to campaign for the job of Sheriff. Leading an entire county’s law enforcement department is a major undertaking, to say the least. The job he hopes to be elected to requires much more than just being a nice guy, or someone who is always ready to help; it is not a job he should intend to misuse by returning favors and what not. In fact, these are essentially basic traits required of any law enforcement officer. No, a man who accepts the responsibility that comes with the title of “Sheriff” must have strong convictions while being someone who is slow to anger with thick skin. He must be able to remain cool and calm and make very difficult decisions on a daily, if not hourly, basis. These same difficult decisions will have an effect on many families; they will be far reaching and, sometimes, life-changing for many.

A sheriff must also be level-headed and fair. He must realize that no one man is the law. A sheriff knows that in order for law to be kept, there must be much in the way of respect for his community. A sheriff must never belittle himself, his family or his office by allowing outside manipulations, such as personal vendettas or vindictive attacks, to throw him off course. The ideal sheriff would be a man who listens more than he speaks, one who is mindful of the restraints of his authority, and who is compassionate and goodhearted. When I consider these per-requisites for sheriff, and weigh them against what I know to be true, I am completely confident in my decision to back Sheriff Reggie Rachals.

Since becoming Lee County Sheriff a few years ago, a lot has changed in our county. Some changes were unfortunate, most were amazing. Through hard work and strong leadership, Sheriff Rachals, along with all of the agents and citizens alike, have made our county a better place to live. He has brought communities closer and helped neighbors become neighbors again. He has worked diligently against some pretty tough odds to do what is right for the county, albeit unpopular with a few. He inherited a department that had been run on a deficit for who knows how long and yet he managed to get, and keep, the spending under control. He utilized county resources to the best of his ability, basically building an airplane as he flew it.

There are many things being said about this man, his family, and his department that are flat out not true. I myself am not a fan of backroom mudslinging. It just plain turns me off. You can not make yourself look good by trying to make the other fella look bad. Through the many years I have known Sheriff Rachals, I have never known him to be inconsiderate, callous, or unjust. He already has an excellent track record for being an extremely competent leader in our community, and I urge everyone that is able to vote for him. A Sheriff’s campaign race is not, and should not be, a popularity contest. It isn’t about who knows who, what someone may be able to do for you down the road, or what a candidate is promising to do in the future. We all need to realize that holding the title of “Sheriff” comes as a monumental task, one that requires a man like Reggie Rachals.


T.J. Hummingbird

Leesburg, GA


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