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Dougherty County Jail Inmate List June 7 – June 14

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Adkins, Michael A, June 13, prob violation

Alford, Neiyeal Devon, June 07, red light, suspended dl 1st offense, suspended dl 2nd offense

Amos, Antwon Shirrod, June 13, theft by receiving stolen property

Anderson, Joann, June 09, battery

Austin, Gregory Jamall, June 08, prob violation

Babcock, Cristina Beth, June 08, state court sentence

Bagley, Sanchez Gerod, June 11, court order sentence

Barrett, Wayne, June 08, driving while license suspended/revoked, speeding (16-20)

Bingham, Hosea, June 09, simple battery

Bishop, Melvin Marlo, June 08, superior crt intermittent sentence

Bishop, Michael Lance, June 07, prob violation

Bivins, Willie Sam, June 07, open container (po), criminal trespass

Blackshear, Stanley Dean, June 12, parole viol

Blakely, Daniel Eugene Jr., June 13, contempt of court, fa/knife poss during crime/attempt crime, possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, receipt/poss/transf firearm by conv fel 1st ofndr, sale/poss wid/purchase/marij, suspended/revoked license (2nd), taillights required

Boone, Christopher Quantez, June 08, prob violation

Brantley, Antonio Lamont, June 11, loitering/prowling

Braswell, Wayman Maurice, June 08, superior crt intermittent sentence

Brimberry, Matthew Jordan, June 11, prob violation

Brooks, Cameron Rashaud, June 07, prob violation

Brooks, Marcus Dewayne, June 13, driving without a valid license mis, giving false name, add, DOB to police

Brown, Aaron, June 08, weekend prisoner

Brown, Reginald Deandre, June 08, interfer w/police, public indecency/general

Burns, Detorris Tron, June 11, hold for other law enforcement

Callaway, Darrell Quan, June 13, civ contempt (child sup)(3 counts)

Chapman, Michael Laron, June 08, prob violation

Chester, Jimmy Dean III, June 08, theft by shoplifting

Clyde, James J, June 08, criminal trespass

Coleman, Jaron, June 10, weekend prisoner

Colson, Takia, June 08, hold for other law enforcement

Colvin, Cedrick Lewayne, June 11, prob viol

Coulon, Keith Anthony Jr., June 10, parole viol, simple battery

Curry, Corey Demond Sr, June 11, state crt intermittent sentence

Curry, Jacolvie Jarrod, June 13, prob violation

Daniels, Charlie Herman, June 12, interfer w/police, pedestrians under the influence

Daniels, Otis III, June 08, state crt intermittent sentence

Davis, Lemarquis, June 13, theft by taking

Defoor, Alicia Diana, June 10, hold for other law enforcement, off bond

Dias, Cynthia Marie, June 10, prob violation

Dixon, Octavius Demond, June 08, criminal trespass

Dowdell, Ronnie Edward, June 08, prob violation

Edwards, Kenya Darrell, June 08, weekend prisoner

Frazier, Erick Kalvasky, June 13, parole viol

Gary, Zontavious Terrell, June 08, theft by shoplifting

Gilliam, Lynda Marie, June 12, theft by shoplifting

Gilmore, Jimmie Bob, June 11, disorderly conduct, general, interfer w/police

Gordon, Brandon Jerome, June 08, state crt intermittent sentence

Greene, Shannon, June 09, hold for other law enforcement (2 counts), theft by shoplifting

Grier, Corderra, June 08, weekend prisoner

Griffin, Jeff Legrande Jr., June 12, prob violation

Gunn, Desmond Aresino, June 12, reckless conduct (5 counts)

Hamilton, Warner James, June 08, state crt intermittent sentence

Harpe, Tyler Dixon, June 07, prob viol

Harris, Carl Eugene, June 10, contempt of court

Harris, Kimetrius Reginarda, June 08, prob viol

Harris, Samuel El’Mando, June 11, violation of family violence order

Harvey, Nyrie Auriece, June 11, criminal trespass, giving false name, add, DOB to police, obstruction of officers, prob violation

Hayes, Jamesio Tirrell, June 11, prob violation

Heath, Dontravious Rodriquez, June 08, driving without a valid license mis, equip for motorcycle riders required, expired tag, fle/attemp to elude a police off for felony offens, improper lane usage, no insurance (1st off), no passing zone/pass on yellow line, reckless driving, speeding (30-32), theft by taking

Henderson, Teresa Faye, June 08, financial transaction card fraud, off bond

Hendrix, Michael Todd, June 08, contempt of court

Holley, Demontreal Alou, June 11, criminal trespass, giving false name, add, DOB to police, obstruction of officers, prob violation

Howard, James Bernard, June 07, burglary

Humphery, David Mcdonald, June 10, prob violation, theft by taking

Hunt, Montavious Demont, June 10, failure to appear, June 10, off bond

Jackson, Dwayne Shawn, June 07, civ contempt (child sup)

Jackson, Larry, June 11, theft by taking

Jackson, Ronald Michael, June 09, improper parking is specified places, suspended dl 4th offense

Jenkins, Tracey Lamar, June 13, contempt of court, failure to appear

Johnson, Brandon Martavious, June 12, burglary, giving false name, add, DOB to police, poss tools for commission of a crime

Johnson, Cedric Bernard, June 10, state crt intermittent sentence

Johnson, Geno Thomas, June 13, possession of cocaine

Johnson, Santana Denise, June 13, dui less safe, suspended dl 1st offense

Johnson, Tarrance Terrial, June 12, parole viol

Jones, Artanza Trashaun, June 13, suspended dl 2nd offense

Jones, Latravious Ramesho, June 13, weekend prisoner

Keith, Jessie Clyde, June 08, prob viol

Kelson, Narada Donnell, June 08, obstruction of officers

King, Chanel Rembert, June 07, prob violation

Lamar, Anthony Jr., June 12, theft by shoplifting

Lambert, Jason Michael, June 13, civ contempt (child sup)

Law, James Greene, June 07, harassing phone calls

Lennear, Theapulious Alfassi, June 12, prob violation

Lewis, Cedric Bernard, June 08, state crt intermittent sentence

Lewis, Curtiz Lanare, June 13, disorderly conduct, general

Lewis, Toni Kentrell, June 07, prob violation

Longie, Shawanna Latres, June 08, state crt intermittent sentence

Lowery, Johnny Elliott, June 07, battery, theft by taking

Luster, Shandricka De’Undera, June 07, prob violation

Mahone, Julian Antonie, June 09, weekend prisoner

Malone, Brandy Ann, June 11, hold for other law enforcement, prob violation (2 counts)

Malone, Desmond, June 11, prob viol

Mathis, Demetria Nicole, June 11, prob violation

Mayberry, Tedesco Sharrod, June 12, fishing w/o license, obstruction of officers

Mccormick, Moniletoe, June 08, weekend prisoner

Mcduffie, Marshelle Ernette, June 13, prob violation

Minor, Kelvin, June 13, contempt of court

Moore, April Lashonda, June 09, disorderly conduct, general

Moore, Kawanski Fontain, June 08, marijuana-possess less than 1oz., prob violation

Morris, Jarkarta Dejuann, June 09, civ contempt (child sup), marijuana-possess less than 1oz., possession of cocaine

Morse, Adam, June 08, hold for other law enforcement, obscene internet contact with a child (2 counts), obscene material-furnish electrically to minor (2 counts),

Myers, Rita Denise, June 09, foll too closely, suspended dl 1st offense

Newell, Eric Kyle, June 08, armed rob

Nixon, Michael Wayne, June 08, theft by shoplifting

Offord, Quatavius Montez, June 12, red light, suspended dl 1st offense

Orr, Donterrius Shernard, June 08, state crt intermittent sentence

Overton, Lanature Nicole, June 12, reckless conduct

Owens, Brittney Soraya, June 13, theft by shoplifting

Parker, Cynthia Jean, June 10, no insurance (1st off), prob violation, suspended vehicle registration (canceled, revoked), suspended/revoked license (2nd)

Price, Jill Brianne, June 08, theft of service

Price, Joshua Kyle, June 13, expired vehicle tag, license plate used with intent to conceal, suspended dl 4th offense, windshield and windshield wiper specifations

Redding, Courtney Arenz, June 12, parole viol

Redding, Lawrence Douglas, June 11, prob violation

Reese, Roderick Johnquille, June 11, weekend prisoner

Richardson, Travis Sentel, June 12, prob violation

Riggins, Angel, June 11, driving without a valid license mis, prob viol, theft by receiving stolen property, veh revalidation decal required

Rivers, David Jr., June 08, state crt intermittent sentence

Rizzo, Tony, June 13, prob violation

Roberts, Dontavious Rico, June 08, prob violation

Roberts, Justin Renard, June 13, prob viol

Robinson, Antonio Demond, June 10, contempt of court, prob violation, simple battery

Rogers, Jennifer Dawn, June 08, state crt intermittent sentence

Salter, Diane, June 12, harassing phone calls

Sawyer, Freddie Jamaal, June 08, weekend prisoner

Seay, Mianica Delilia, June 11, aggravated assault

Simmons, Mario Theopolis, June 07, prob violation

Slaughter, Kelvin Bernard, June 07, criminal trespass, emergency help-interfering with call for, simple battery

Sneed, Sebrina Shantreall, June 08, giving false name, add, DOB to police, obstruction of officers, terroristic threats and acts, theft by shoplifting

Solomon, Kenneth Bernard, June 07, drug paraphernalia, loitering, public indecency/general

Solomon, Milton Wayne, June 07, prob violation

Staffin, Willie Freddie, June 08, weekend prisoner

Stephens, Terrance Bentrell, June 09, driving while license suspended/revoked, reckless driving, restrinctions on use of central lane of highway, spd 51-55/35 zone, speeding (16-20), suspended dl 2nd offense

Stone, Hank Michael Jr., June 09, acq/obt control subst by fraud/forg/misrep

Stroble, Monte-Cristo Rashard, June 11, dui (1st offense alcohol), dui less safe, duty-striking fix/st, open container (po)

Taylor, Jerreko Douran, June 08, prob violation, simple battery, theft by taking

Terrell, Robert, June 13, suspended dl 2nd offense

Thomas, Artis  Sr, June 10, contempt of court, harassing phone calls (2 counts), theft by taking

Thomas, Lugene, June 11, prob violation

Thompson, Kathryn Jane, June 07, acq/obt control subst by fraud/forg/misrep(2 counts), dang.drugs-ill sale/dist/poss execpt certain condi, possession of a sched III, IV, Vcont sub wid (3 counts)

Thrower, Uniquia Brittecia, June 11, aggravated assault

Timbes, Brian Travis, June 11, prob violation

Tukes, Jerry Lee, June 09, state crt intermittent sentence

Wade, Jackie Sherman Jr., June 12, criminal trespass

Wade, Khrystyan George, June 09, weekend prisoner

Walker, Jonathan Keith, June 10, civ contempt (child sup)

Walker, Shamika Lewis, June 13, court order sentence

Walls, Ovoya Okeith, June 12, aggravated assault, armed rob, burglary, prob violation, sale/poss wid/purchase/marij

Ware, Yolanda Verella, June 08, state crt intermittent sentence

Watson, David Pat, June 08, hold for other law enforcement

Watson, Steven Rashaad, June 11, superior court sentence

Weldon, Jackson Owen, June 12, theft by shoplifting

Wester, Emanuel Alexander, June 13, battery

Wester, Undrell Lee, June 13, prob violation

Whitfield, Benjamin Timothy, June 09, hold for other law enforcement

Wiley, Subreena Lorraine, June 13, housed for feds

Williams, Alexis Kierra, June 11, theft by shoplifting

Williams, David Lee Sr, June 12, aggravated assault

Williams, Devone Montreal, June 07, prob violation

Williams, Jasper Edward, June 08, simple battery

Williams, Joe Lee, June 09, burglary, prob violation

Williams, Juaqes Markyi, June 12, prob violation

Wilson, Pontashia Yabora, June 07, theft by shoplifting

Wilson, Russell Lee Jr., June 07, civ contempt (child sup)(2 counts)

Wingfield, Rufus Jr., June 08, superior crt intermittent sentence

Wooden, Marquel Tremaine, June 08, parole viol

Woody, John Dame III, June 08, aggravated assault, criminal damage to property 2nd degree

Young, Marquez Bernard, June 12, false report of a crime, false statements/writings; concealment of facts


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