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Doing things at your convenience

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This is what I call my number one leadership principle.  To being with, let’s first make certain that we understand one another.  By leadership I mean, “A person of influence.”  The leader may be of his own making – a business owner for example.  Or, a leader might have been hired into a position that requires the oversight of people.  Finally, and my favorite description, a leader is one who’s gift and/or calling have caused others to place themselves under the a single person to be lead.  For me, the latter is the very definition of “church” leadership.

The other term that needs defining is “principles.”  By this I mean that these are boundaries that, over the years, that have kept me, the people of the organization, and the organization itself stable and forward moving.

Doing things at your own convenience does not mean be irresponsible. There are certain aspects of our day that is already spoken for.  I refer to this as “Imposed Time.”

Duty Imposed Time – whether you are a homemaker, sales person, factory worker or what have you – it simply takes so many hours in a day to do your job.  Unless you quit, duty imposes upon you.

Boss Imposed Time – Whoever you are serving or working for will often add duties that are not under the umbrella of normal.  It’s just life.

People Imposed Time – THIS IS THE ONE THAT YOU MUST CONTROL.  Your discretionary time is this segment and everybody wants a piece of it.  It’s much like your discretionary income – it must be budgeted and invested with care.   Only you can determine what takes precedence over what.  Granted, there are situations that come up that you just have to handle in the moment. Homemakers often need to drop everything they are doing to rush to the aid of a bruised knee. You may suddenly have to change the tire on your car or work a few hours overtime. But for the most part, everyone has at least some time to do as you please.

You must be ever so careful not to let other people use up your discretionary time.  This is all too common in ministry.  People want their pastor and they want him now.  They often believe that their situation is far more important than anything else on your schedule.  Doing things at your convenience (as oppose to theirs) will help you manage your day better, and reduce your stress levels.  Doing things at your convenience allows you to care for as many people as possible and in a better quality manner.  Doing things at your convenience allows you to set the priorities in your home or organization.  Jesus ignored people, slipped through crowds, and spent time all by Himself.

I think the words of the Apostle Paul in his to the church in the city of Ephesus says it best: “Make the very most of the time [buying up each opportunity], because the days are evil.”

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Doug Rea is the Pastor at Connections in Albany, GA.

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