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Defending Sacrifice

By   /   June 6, 2012  /   Comments




This week, we mourn two from our area who were lost to violent acts half a world apart.  One is my dear friend Kimberly Layfield, who fell victim to a madman’s rampage in Seattle.  The other is United States Marine LCPL Steve Sutton.

Over the weekend, reports surfaced that a notorious “church” from Kansas was planning on spreading their hatred in Southwest Georgia by protesting the funeral of LCPL Sutton.  Various comments were made, including a few by me, about how they could regret their actions should the actually show up.

However, I have decided to take a different tact, and I call on all local media to do the same.

LCPL Sutton died in the service of his nation.  He swore and oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America”.  In short, he died defending this “church” and their right to spread their bile.

However, he died for something else.  He also died for Freedom of the Press, which is also protected in the First Amendment.  You see, LCPL Sutton died for a nation that protects my right to print what I see fit, so long as it is true.  There’s a flip side to that though.  You see, I also have a right to not print things as well.

This notorious “church” – I refuse to not use quotations marks for any group that forgets that God loves all of us – pulls their stunts for attention.  They want attention from the media, and we have obliged for far too long.

Here and now, I want to make one thing perfectly clear.  It is now the editorial policy of Knighton Media, as well as The Albany Journal, that this “church” will never have its name mentioned in any news media we have any control over.  They want attention, but they won’t get it.

I also call on other local media outlets to do the same in the event that the notorious “church” shows up.  Cover it?  Fine.  Knock yourself out.  It is news after all.  However, everyone knows who it is, so why bother even mentioning the name?

LCPL Sutton died defending their right to spread filth, but that doesn’t excuse their spreading of it.  Sutton made the ultimate sacrifice, and we should help defend that sacrifice.  The Albany Journal will.

Let the “church” come if they so choose, but let them know that if they seek attention and glory for themselves and their “leader”, then they might as well stay home in Kansas.  They want to find like-minded folks?  Look elsewhere.  This is our home.  We will defend it, and we will defend our sons and daughters.  We will especially defend those who die in the service to our nation.

It doesn’t matter what our personal stances are with regard to the war in Afghanistan, the War on Terror in general, or even towards homosexuality.  None of that factors into the actions of those in this area one bit.

What does factor in is that we are here.  This is our home.  This is one of ours.  You want to come here and try and draw attention to yourselves, whoring yourself for publicity?  Sorry, but you’re just wasting your gas.  You want attention?  You won’t get it here.


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