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THE ONLY COUNTRY station in Albany.  K-Country has no request line, they censor there music, and won’t play “Roll Me Up And Smoke Me When I Die” by Willie Nelson.  What are they afraid of?


THE HOSPITAL AUTHORITY hearing Thursday should be interesting. You guys think the authority really has the interests of the citizens it is supposed to serve at heart, or do you think it is just a tool of Phoebe?


THE DEA LOST the war on marijuana a long time ago.  They just won’t admit it.  Now no drug testing for city workers..Happy DAZE are hear again.



THEY SCHEDULED THE Hospital Authority hearing for 10 a.m.? They love to hold them while people are working don’t they?



THE HERALD’S JD Sumner was on the mark. But in addition to William Wright’s comments being designed to stoke the fires of racism, the “oppressor” comment from the substitute teacher about the curriculum being structured for low income students to fail is beyond ridiculous. Obviously, a collection of pathetic losers at the meeting.



PATHETIC IS CERTAINLY the right word for it. Someone told me to talk to Wright a couple of months ago and I am glad I didn’t take that person’s advice.



SO HE IS finally admitting that all involved were the minority and poor. Now we cannot say minority because it is definitely not that. Poor because they want to be. But implication, since they are poor we should let them slide. That is just what our grandparents did in the past and now we are paying for it. Blacks were not required to do well, so now we have to support them.



THE WORST OF this is that the unknowing and largely uneducated entitlement community does not realize that people like William Wright, Arrival Marks, Sharpton, Jackson and others of that ilk are their very worst enemy. They do not understand that if they buy into the “It is someone else’s fault that I am a failure” the world does not care. They do not get it that if they get through school by lying and cheating as seems to be the path supported by Wright, one day, as adults, someone will expect them to use their knowledge and when they cannot and are fired from their job blaming someone else won’t fly.


DO WE HAVE  a substitute teacher in the DCSS telling students that oppressors who only want them to fail designed the curriculum? Do they think society wants them to fail so that we can support them. Guess old Forrest had it right, “Stupid is as stupid does”.


IT IS TRAGIC  that they do not understand that some of the people preaching the lies are making a very good living off of them and do not care if they make it or not. I sometimes want to ask, who is wearing the $2000 suit? Who is wearing the Rolex watch? Is it you? Of course it is not but as long as they can convince you to keep buying the suits and watches their mantra will remain the same and your circumstances will never change. You will continue to fail, you will continue to blame others for your failure and the parasites will continue to feed off of you.



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