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THIS IS ONE for the books this morning. I was unfriended on FB by a city of Albany department head due to my benign comment about the lawnmower being left out by the road yesterday. Apparently he hasn’t lived here very long and doesn’t read the newspaper. If he is going to live here, he had better toughen up! We had a rental on Madison. The entire house was stripped of wiring, plumbing, appliances, a car, everything in the garage, even the mantles around the fireplaces. I DO know what I’m talking about.


THE ABUSES AND fraud in the welfare system should always be reported; however my observations are that these programs are always backlogged, whether it be administrative or investigations. I doubt that reporting these things will, in any way, slow down the paper mill and folks stamping them.


YOU ARE CORRECT, things are totally out of control and greed from the folks getting the benefits and merchants with no scruples will do us in. And there are too many votes in play for politicians to do more than keep feeding the fire. No one in a position to do anything about it seems willing to even try.


HOW IS IT that Joshua Murfree still has a job? If I pulled half of what he and Kenneth Goseer have tried to pull, I’d be standing in an unemployment line, begging for a new job.  It’s ridiculous that this is allowed to continue…and we’re expected to pay for it!


COACH LOWE REPRESENTS what education used to be in Albany. Yes, a feel good story for sure. One of the problems with getting older is we remember the past which was so different from what we now see, schools being a prime example.


ARE YOU ARMED and willing to use such force to defend your home in the event of an invader?


FOR NOW, I do not go to the door unless I am expecting someone and I will peek out and make sure it is who I expect. But you are not safe walking to the mailbox or taking out the trash in the wild west Albany has become.




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