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SO, IS THIS WHAT our tax dollars pays for?  We pay for the bond on a kid who was arrested?  Then Goseer has the nerve to act like, because kids routinely cuss, then the taxpayers should foot the bill?  No wonder people are running for Lee County.



MAKES ONE PROUD TO be a DoCo taxpayer. Anyone who thinks Albany has a chance of attracting more than flies and check riders is deluding themselves.



IT MAKES ME SICK how these IDIOTS here are taking such GROSS advantage of what Dr. Martin Luther King TRIED to TEACH them!!! They’re just TOO STUPID to LEARN from his teachings!!! ALL they are doing is making people look DOWN on their race instead of acting in a POSITIVE manner to make people RESPECT their RACE!!!



FROM MY RECENT EXPERIENCE with politicians, “must” is not part of their vocabulary so the deal with Deal is not a done deal–we are in the land of Democrats so I don’t think he will get too concerned with votes. I’m not sure these guys we elect can be embarrassed–local, state, or national.



CULBREATH WAS A GOOD superintendent, but didn’t he come from someplace else? But now that Lloyd is gone, we may start to see where some of the money is gone. That principal at Dougherty High School is new, so maybe not many funds have been used incorrectly.



I THINK OUR SCHOOL board needs to be reminded of what’s going on with the surrounding counties school boards.



I WAS TOLD TODAY that the governor’s office is aware of the situation down here.



NOT A NATHAN DEAL fan, but sure help he takes action.



I THINK HE HAS been aware long enough to take action and give us some relief. Of course if he waits long enough the DCSS will implode before he has to make a decision.



MY MOM IS THREATENING NOT to pay her portion of the school’s taxes this year if all of this isn’t resolved. She said she knows it is illegal but if we keep letting the people in the school system do illegal things then how is that fair to the taxpayers? I had to agree with her and I am thinking of following her actions. It’s time to take a stand and if it causes us to go to jail then so be it.



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