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NOW I’M CURIOUS to see the board’s response, if any, to Murfree’s order. Chutzpah.



WOW. THANK GOD Troy Conley has a backbone. This is exactly the kind of corrupt behavior that has caused problems in this city for decades.



THIS MILLAGE INCREASE needs to be fought tooth and nail!! If they get back the money from Cutliff Grove, Mediacom, University Gardens, etc. then it would probably help with their spending problem. But ultimately, they have a spending problem and it needs to be put to a halt before the rest of the taxpayers move because we are tired of their SHIT. EVERYONE write your commissioner or call your commissioner and let them know we are not going to take this lying down.



MAN, PEOPLE SURE did get suckered into voting for SPLOST. They will increase the millage rate now that it is voted in again. Remember that next time the SPLOST vote comes back around people.



THERE IS A real problem in the DOCO tax office. They are not in compliance with state laws with what they put on/leave off the tax register.



I NEED TO go back a read the article again; but the Albany Journal just reported something along the lines that the city was about to get into a deficit even though they are also spending the MEAG return money. $88 million that was supposed to benefit the customers.



IF ONLY 19 people will sign a petition to have our leaders televise public meetings, then you can forget about a NW Albany secession. It’s no more likely than our leaders growing a moral backbone.



SOUNDS LIKE TAYLOR is talking out both sides of his mouth again. Perhaps the city could do away with 311 also. This is sucking up a lot of money. Sure it is nice to have but in tough times we can revert back to the old way of doing things by calling the department directly within the city. The departments have people who man the phones so we don’t really need 311. The city government is becoming an employer hub like the DCSS and we need to trim the fat so to speak.



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