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If you don’t know what Communism is all about, learn fast because we have goof-ball media hypocrites trying to convince the ill informed that Communism is the way to go and to become Karl Marx fans. How many of you are regular listeners to the Today Show each morning on NBC? I do every morning. Ann Curry used to be one of my favorite newscasters…that is, until a few mornings ago when she started spewing Communist propaganda. I kid you not! I could hardly believe what I was hearing, and I have new hearing aids!

Our liberal media has a great influence in our country and what they say can easily sway our kids into thinking the way they do. What better way to spread Socialism and/or Communism. Many people have been warning that this liberal press of ours is turning people against Capitalism by some of their stupid remarks.

If you didn’t hear Ms Curry, you should have. It would have floored you by what she said. She was talking about the airplane traveling that she must do connected with her job. She said to my astonishment that there is an inherent unfairness in airline travel today…that when she disembarks from planes today, she feels like putting a paper bag over her head because it just isn’t fair that she is allowed to sit in First Class, which is much more comfortable than Coach and to have the privileges that the Coach passengers do not and that they are able to get through security much faster than the non-First Class people.

Yes, she thought that there was an inherent unfairness in that. Can you believe remarks like that? She thinks everyone should be treated the same even though some people have more money than others. Yes, that is way Communists think!

If she really feels that way, she should take her huge salary and move to a different country, like Cuba, where the government forces people to think that way. She should give her big salary to people who would like to go through security faster but can’t afford it and move to the projects where she would feel a lot more comfortable. I’ll bet she also has a Limo take her to and from the airport. How unfair! It is not fair that she spent all that money and worked so hard to get an education and to get ahead.

Those who didn’t do that should have all the rights and privileges that she has. Isn’t that what made America great? Isn’t that why most people are doing everything they can to get to America and have the chance of getting ahead and to be able to get what others cannot who aren’t willing to work as hard as they are willing to do? I think that Ms. Curry is a little mixed up and has forgotten all this and doesn’t appreciate all the freedom she has here. She needs to slow down and stay at a Motel 6 instead of the Ritz and shop at Goodwill instead of Saks Fifth Avenue and realize what she has here in this country. Most people want the chance to have privileges that others do not. She needs to think what she is saying and not talk like a Communist…or else find another place to live.

I personally worked my way through college. Well most of the way. It is a little too expensive to do that today with prices the way they now are. I went to college until I ran out of money. Then, I had the privilege to go to work at the highest paying CPA firm in Chicago and make more money than most other people. I never complained a bit that I was getting privileges others were not.

I slept in my car the first night out of college because I had no money. I had to borrow $200.00 to get married and then worked as hard as I could for many years to get what I have today. I don’t think that others should have what I have…not those who didn’t work as hard as I did or those not willing to give up all that I did along the way in this trip I took.

Yes, Ms. Curry, you are a little mixed up and you make me very mad talking like you did on TV the other morning! We don’t need people like you spreading this hypocritical nonsense over the airways and making our kids today think that what you are saying makes any sense. It doesn’t! Apologize immediately for what you said and explain to the public that you were having a bad hair day! We need people of influence spreading just the opposite unless you want our country to crumble like many others…like Cuba, for example. We need to do those things that made our country great. We need to get things moving in the right direction…not the LEFT!


AndersonnewWritten by Ted Anderson. Insurance agent Ted W. Anderson worked in sales for half a century, has lived in Albany since 1993. He is president of Dover Lane Neighborhood Watch. Send email to him at aj@thealbanyjournal.com.


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