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I have always heard that the Media is about as far Left in Politics as anyone could be.  They really make me mad when I see them support all the leftist politicians and all the leftist ideas.  To me, they seem to live in a completely different world than I do.  Why do they act this way?  Who is confusing them and causing them to be this way.

Is it the professors in the universities and colleges and then their students who become teachers in our schools across the nation that are teaching our kids these liberal ideas?   I think they are the ones that are influencing our children across the U.S.A. in ways that many of us do not approve.

We, the general public and we are the ones that should be directing what is being taught in our schools.  It is our responsibility to step in when communism and socialism is being taught that is contrary to what the general public believes and wants taught to our kids.  Don’t sit idly by and not speak up when things are being taught in which we do not believe.

Our kids are on the TV and radio for many hours every day and these leftist ideas are pounded into our kid’s brains, just like the Nazis did.  We need to take a more active interest and have something to say regarding what is being taught.  We need to see to it that teachers that are hired teach both the Liberal and the Conservative side to things and then let our children determine what it is that they think is correct.    These are our schools that our children attend and we can’t continue to sit by and not control what is going on in our schools.

Other examples of what must be changed are to rid our educational system of hiring people who not the best that we can find…not people who are rated 34th on the list of candidates available.  Can you believe that a local school board did that?

Also, children learn and behave much like the way they see others act…not based upon what these people see.  When Principals, teachers, and other school officials lie and receive lunches for which they are not qualified.  What do you think that does to the minds of our students?  Don’t you think that some of these students will do the same thing when they grow up?

Right now, locally, over $400,000 in taxpayers money is still missing and not accounted for in the local school system.  Aren’t we going to find our where that missing money went?  Time keeps passing with no one being charged with stealing that money.  I demand that the crooks be found!  Some of that money belongs to me and to you also!

Watch out America!  Many things are being taught our children that a great many people don’t like and which I think needs to be corrected besides all the stealing going on that isn’t corrected.  What do you think about the Hollywood group putting our movies that make our kids think that it is OK to live together and have babies before you are married?

How about the people in the media professing that religion is only for stupid people, that it is OK and a marriage if men marry each other or women marry each other, that cheating is OK, just don’t get caught, finally to have the President of the United States doing what he did and trying to convince people that everyone is doing that and it is OK.  The President of our country acting like that and not getting impeached is, to me, disgraceful.

What do our kids think and what does the rest of the world think when they have always thought that America was this wonderful country to be admired?  Kind of disgusting, don’t you think?  How proud are you to see all these things going on here in our country?  Get out there and do your part to change things for the better.  I am trying.  You need too also.


AndersonnewWritten by Ted Anderson. Insurance agent Ted W. Anderson worked in sales for half a century, has lived in Albany since 1993. He is president of Dover Lane Neighborhood Watch. Send email to him at aj@thealbanyjournal.com.


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