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The idiocy must end

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It’s past time for the idiocy in the Dougherty County School System to come to an abrupt and sudden end.  In recent weeks, we’ve had a whistle-blower program that’s all but guaranteed to eliminate legitimate whistleblowing, a school system that pays the bond for a student arrest on school grounds, an assistant superintendent who expected the DCSS police chief to clear arrests with the superintendent’s office, and a superintendent who seems intent to run the school system in the ground.

A very old newspaper article uncovered by the Journal’s own Betty Rehberg reported the Dougherty County School System was among the most respected in the state and was reported to be made up of people “of the utmost integrity.”  Just proof that change isn’t always good.

Regardless, it’s time for some actual good change.  Dr. Joshua Murfree assumed the position of superintendent amongst a pile of controversy.  He was ranked poorly among the potential candidates, yet managed to get the job under accusations of cronism due to undisclosed relationships with members of the Dougherty County School Board.

Last week, his assistant superintendent, Kenneth Goseer, seemed oblivious to reality as board member Carol Tharin questioned his decision to pay the bond on a student arrested by the DCSS police department.  DCSS attorney Tommy Coleman had already declared Goseer’s actions as illegal.

Unfortunately, Goseer was about as clueless as an official could be.  He claimed that his actions were fine.  When Tharin pointed out that Goseer wasn’t an attorney, he fired back, “Neither are you!”

Of course she isn’t.  However, she was working under the assumption – a correct assumption I might add – that Tommy Coleman, an attorney, knew what he was talking about.

Murfree’s tenure as Dougherty County School superintendent needs to come to an abrupt and sudden end if there is going to be a prayer in hell of Albany becoming more than a ghost town in the making. Education factors importantly in any decision a business can make.  Either they want an educated workforce before they want to relocate, or they want quality schools for employees who relocate to a new community.

Murfree has clearly shown a complete and total lack of leadership ability.  Instead, we hear reports of micromanagement, and anyone with even a partially functioning brain can see that there is a profound inability to get anything right.

In reality, the only scandal that he can truly claim innocence on was the CRCT cheating scandal.  That occurred under Sally Whatley’s tenure.  Yet, despite the fact that there was no way he would be implicated, he still managed to act like he had something to hide.

Let’s end the idiocy, and let’s end the insanity.  Murfree, and his chief flunky Kenneth Goseer, need to be put out to pasture so we can find a superintendent who will restore the luster of a bygone era to the Dougherty County School System.



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