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Dougherty County Jail Inmate List May 10 – May 17

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Allen, Tiffie Monquie, May 14, simple battery

Anthony, Raymond Paul, May 17, aggravated assault

Bagley, Eric Maurice, May 12, dang.drugs-ill sale/dist/poss execpt certain condi, drugs not in original container, obstruction of officers

Baker, Jerry Wayne, May 13, interfere w/police

Bedford, Randall Scott, May 11, theft by shoplifting

Bell, Damian Rashad, May 16, red light, suspended dl 1st offense

Benton, Angelina Kamilah, May 11, weekend prisoner

Benton, Kajarvis Lemone, May 11, theft by taking

Benton, Thomas   Jr., May 15, hold for other law enforcement

Boyd, Lisa Earnest, May 15, altered license plate (1st offense), expired vehicle tag, suspended dl 1st offense

Bray, Mckebia Darrese, May 14, parole viol

Bridwell, Johnathan Scott, May 13, state court sentence

Brinkley, Christopher John, May 12, battery

Brittington, Durell Hysheen, May 15, battery

Brookins, Charles Carrol, May 14, prob violation

Brooks, Emma Jane, May 10, theft by receiving stolen property

Brown, Ernest Jr., May 11, simple battery

Brown, Jarvarus Kendell, May 10, contempt of court (2 counts)

Brown, Ya’Ron Victory, May 11, hold for other law enforcement

Brown-Porter, Mary Lou, May 11, theft by taking

Bruce, Ernest William, May 16, drug paraphernalia, prob violation

Bryant, Donovan Alan, May 11, theft by shoplifting

Burk, Jessica Delle, May 13, driving while license suspended/revoked

Burroughs, Glenny Donald III, May 11, battery, cruelty to children in 3rd degree 3rd or sub ofnse, cruelty to children-allow to wit fel/bat/fv 3rd dg

Burton, Eddie James Jr., May 15, ret f/trial

Butler, James Lymus, May 16, prob violation

Cabral, Rafael   Jr., May 15, theft by receiving stolen property

Campbell, Shamaya Shaquate, May 15, prob violation

Chaney, Derrick Tiant, May 12, driving while license suspended/revoked, expired tag, improper/defaced license plates, and motor cycle/lights not on, no insurance (1st off)

Chapman, Shycovie Kyaunda, May 12, prob viol, simple battery

Clemons, Sherika Dekimya, May 14, court order sentence, financial transaction card fraud (2 counts)

Cochran, Travis Jermaine, May 11, battery – family violence (1st offense), cruelty to children-allow to wit fel/bat/fv 3rd dg

Colley, Jenna Disena, May 12, simple battery

Cook, Sarrain Emmanuel, May 10, driving while license suspended/revoked, fleeing/attempting to elude officer, speeding (26)

Cooper, Cary Demond, May 14, state crt intermittent sentence

Corley, Richard Hughes, May 13, criminal trespass, entering auto

Coston, Wanda Lauren, May 10, brake light/turn signal required, driving while license suspended/revoked, no insurance (1st off), seat belt required

Cross, Melissa Ann, May 12, theft by shoplifting

Daniels, Ramon Teran, May 15, hold for other law enforcement

Davenport, Robert, May 11, suspended dl 2nd offense

Davis, Demetrius Monterrius, May 10, housed for other law enforcement

Davis, Demitri Arnaz, May 14, altered license plate (1st offense), interfere w/police, suspended dl 2nd offense, suspended vehicle registration, taillight requirements

Defoor, Alicia Diana, May 16, fin/trans card theft

Doward, Jason Tyrone, May 15, off bond, theft by shoplifting

Duncan, Briton Deion, May 14, state court sentence

Duncan, Kenneth Warren, May 15, disorderly conduct, general

Edwards, Kenya Darrell, May 11, weekend prisoner

English, Horace Dontavious, May 13, civ contempt (child sup), court order sentence, failure to appear

Evans, Lawrence   Jr., May 16, prob viol

Ferrell, Roderick Terrell, May 14, equip for motorcycle riders required, suspended/revoked license (2nd)

Fink, Adam Craig, May 11, state crt intermittent sentence

Fletcher, Dennis, May 14, failure to appear – fel

Ford, Fernando Qunsen, May 11, superior crt intermittent sentence

Ford, Michael Keith, May 11, prob violation

Fowler, Rashavin Kiante’, May 11, weekend prisoner

Gaines, Bobby, May 11, parole viol

Gallagher, Brent Douglas, May 16, criminal trespass, simple assault

Gaston, James III, May 12, suspended dl 1st offense

Gibson, Jonathan, May 12, possession of marij (1 oz 1st offense), right of way at cross walks, suspended dl 1st offense

Gibson, Montravious Monquez, May 14, hold for other law enforcement, simple battery

Goff, William David III, May 15, state crt intermittent sentence

Goude, Taria Cacelia, May 10, prob violation

Grant, Corey Deneil, May 15, criminal trespass

Gray, Derek Leon, May 16, prob violation

Green, Adrian Bernard, May 11, interfere w/police

Green, Shontoria Lanell, May 13, theft by shoplifting

Greene, Katoria Makia, May 15, driving while license suspended/revoked, headlights required

Guest, Jeffery Bernard, May 15, giving false name, add, DOB to police

Gulley, Tamika Denise, May 11, weekend prisoner

Gulley, Tracey Lynn, May 13, aggravated assault

Haines, Cartez Antonio, May 10, civ contempt (child sup) (2 counts), prob violation

Hall, Felecia Latrell, May 15, deposit account fraud/bad check, print/execu/neg draft,chk w/fl

Hall, Lindsey Kaye, May 12, weekend prisoner

Harmon, Antonio Alexander, May 16, court order sentence

Harpe, Devante Emmanuel, May 11, contempt of court, disorderly conduct, off bond

Harper, Willie Gene, May 13, prob violation, signs & markers comp w/traf control devices ( 2 counts), suspended dl 2nd offense, suspended/revoked license (2nd)

Harrell, Christopher Brian, May 11, weekend prisoner

Harris, Angel Kabrina, May 11, criminal trespass, prob violation

Harris, Eugene, May 13, contempt of court

Harrison, Shantrell Tometz, May 16, theft by shoplifting

Harvey, Kevin Nichlos, May 11, state crt intermittent sentence

Hatcher, Ashlyn Strandberg, May 13, poss/consumption/purchase alcohol by minor, simple assault – family violence

Haynes, Daphanie Lashay, May 15, simple battery

Heard, Gregory Bernard, May 10, prob violation

Hewett, Kenneth Curtis, May 13, driving without a valid license mis

Hicks, Michael Shawn, May 12, possession and use of drug related objects

Hill, Alvin Milton, May 14, superior court sentence

Hill, Tasha Lynn, May 11, prob violation

Holloway, Shannon Lakeiya, May 14, battery

Holmes, Answar Demaine, May 13, suspended dl 2nd offense

Hunter, Fonda Nicole, May 10, simple battery

Ingram, Kenneth Patrick, May 10, criminal trespass

Jackson, Darrell Tyrone, May 16, prob violation

Jackson, Decharles Montavious, May 16, criminal trespass

Jackson, Keith Bernard, May 12, possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, sale/poss wid/purchase/marij

Jackson, Robert   Jr., May 15, prob violation

Jackson, Robert James III, May 11, state crt intermittent sentence

Jackson, Tracy Murry, May 16, criminal trespass

Johnson, Damion Bernard, May 15, prob violation, public indecency/saggy pants

Johnson, Henry Edward Jr., May 12, prob violation

Johnson, Ronnie, May 12, weekend prisoner

Jones, Jeremy Jernard, May 13, child restraint 4yrs & under, driving while license suspended/revoked

Jones, Nicole Leann, May 11, aggravated assault, cruelty to children-allow to wit fel/bat/fv 3rd dg

Joseph, Roodly, May 15, simple battery

Kaylor, Tomeka Mae, May 12, prob violation

King, Clarence   Jr., May 16, deposit account fraud/bad checks (4 counts)

Kitchens, Tammy Lynn, May 13, theft by shoplifting

Knighton, Ignacia Cortrill, May 11, battery

Lamar, Eric Demetrius, May 10, housed for feds

Lee, Myron Jamarez, May 11, weekend prisoner

Lewis, Marquis Kennel, May 15, fle/attemp to elude a police off for felony offens, no insurance (1st off), reckless driving, signs & markers, compl w/traf control devices (3 counts), speeding (30-32), stop/yield sign violation (3 counts), suspended/revoked license (2nd), windshield/window tint violation

Love, Sueletha, May 12, disorderly conduct, general

Lowe, Fremont Casaveno, May 11, state crt intermittent sentence

Mcclendon, Tyrone Derrell, May 10, contempt of court

Mcdaniel, Crystal Ann, May 16, theft by taking

Mckinney, Tejuana Marday, May 10, aggravated assault

Mclendon, Darryl Lorenzo, May 13, aggravated assault, drug poos/mfg/dist in/within 1000′ pub/priv school, fa/knife poss during crime/attempt crime, sale/poss wid/purchase/marij

Mills, Jill Lanika, May 11, weekend prisoner

Mincey, Chuckey Lamaar, May 10, prob violation

Mingo, David Leroy, May 14, prob violation

Mitchell, Devonta Rashad, May 16, battery, burglary, criminal trespass, robbery

Moore, Basil Lavoid, May 10, housed for other law enforcement

Myers, Jimmy Ray Jr., May 10, housed for other law enforcement

Nolan, Jessie Lee, May 13, civ contempt (child sup), failure to appear

Northern, Sherman Dejaun, May 11, prob violation

Oliver, Aaron Jarell, May 11, disorderly conduct

Oneal, Mark Allen II, May 16, weekend prisoner

Paige, Dexter Bernard, May 15, battery, contempt of court, theft by taking

Parker, James Tyrone, May 11, aggravated assault (6 counts), armed rob (6 counts), criminal damage to property 1st degree, fa/knife poss during crime/attempt crime, hold for other law enforcement, receipt/poss/transf firearm by conv fel 1st ofndr

Parker, Joanne Nicole, May 12, contempt of court

Parks, Kimberly Nicole, May 14, theft by shoplifting

Peguese, Mario Anthony, May 12, possession and use of drug related objects, possession of cocaine

Pollard, Mark Lloyd, May 15, weekend prisoner

Posey, Roger Dale, May 14, prob violation

Pratt, Donald Bernard, May 15, city park violation after 9pm, interfere w/police, public indecency/general

Price, Gordon, May 11, marijuana-possess less than 1oz., parole viol, possession of cocaine

Price, Johnson III, May 10, obstruction of officers, prob violation, simple battery

Reese, Roderick Johnquille, May 13, weekend prisoner

Rivers, David   Jr., May 11, state crt intermittent sentence

Russ, Yolanda Denise, May 14, interfere w/police

Rutledge, Mark Dylan, May 10, driving while license suspended/revoked, marijuana-possess less than 1oz., obstruction of officers, seat belt required

Sawyer, Freddie Jamaal, May 11, weekend prisoner

Scott, David Tyler, May 10, marijuana-possess less than 1oz.

Scott, Donovan Lavante, May 16, battery, prob violation

Seadrow, Lamond Marcus, May 12, aggravated assault

Shiver, Jackie Glenn, May 10, state court sentence

Shorter, Marqueon Artives, May 12, prob viol

Sibley, Ernest Emmanuel, May 10, state crt intermittent sentence

Sims, Derrick Lamont, May 11, state crt intermittent sentence

Slappy, Timothy Tyrone, May 15, failure to appear

Smith, Letrecia Anthonett, May 16, failure to appear, prob violation

Smith, Matthew Scott, May 16, prob violation, sale of a schedule i or ii controlled substance (2 counts)

Smith, Quontravius Tarrell, May 10, simple battery

Steen, Andrew Brook, May 15, theft by taking

Sutton, Lucious Gene Jr., May 14, aggravated assault, burglary, parole viol, prob violation, robbery by force, theft by taking

Sutton, Patrina Shantae, May 16, criminal trespass

Taylor, Courtney Kareem, May 12, spd 51-55/30 zone, suspended dl 1st offense

Taylor, Shanorris Simmons, May 12, aggravated stalking, fleeing/attempting to elude officer, improper lane usage, obstruction of officers, purchase/possess/control, reckless driving, tag light required, theft by taking, turn signals req

Terry, Bennie Lee, May 15, obstruction of officers, possession of cocaine with intent to distribute

Terry, Christopher Blake, May 14, state crt intermittent sentence

Thomas, Kwantesa Nichelle, May 14, interfere w/police

Thomas, Mark Lee, May 13, hold for other law enforcement

Thomas, William Patrick, May 14, hold for other law enforcement

Thompson, Titus Rashard, May 17, failure to appear

Thornton, Peter Czechoski, May 11, housed for other law enforcement

Tumblin, Mary Emma, May 14, disorderly conduct

Wade, Idus III, May 14, bond revoked

Wade, Zandrea Ventrice, May 11, criminal trespass

Wallace, Fredrick Antwan, May 14, battery, criminal trespass, parole viol

Ware, Yolanda Verella, May 11, state crt intermittent sentence

Weir, William Lewis, May 16, prob violation

Wesley, Kevin Demetrez, May 11, superior crt intermittent sentence

White, Melissa Louise, May 16, prob violation, theft by shoplifting

Whitlock, Kenneth Lavern, May 14, prob violation

Whitlock, William Anthony, May 14, prob violation

Wiley, Joseph Earl Jr., May 11, superior crt intermittent sentence

Wilkerson, Whitley Monique, May 11, child molestation

Williams, Domorico Terrail, May 14, d u i-of alcohol/drugs, improper lane usage

Williams, Gibraltar Antavious, May 11, prob violation

Williams, Nicole, May 14, battery

Williams, Shamaine Lapresha, May 12, theft by shoplifting

Williams, Shineaque Shiatia, May 11, suspended dl 1st offense

Wilson, Raven Semone, May 15, simple battery

Winchester, Taiyon Keahtay, May 11, carry weapon in schl safty zn/prop as lic hldr mis, lotering on school property, marijuana-possess less than 1oz.

Wingfield, Dontae Sherrod, May 11, prob viol

Womack, Marilyn Ann, May 11, weekend prisoner


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