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Letter to the Editor

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I have lived here most of my life and I am a proud former Westover Patriot.

I read Dr. Murfree’s proposal the other day regarding the budget cuts and I am not liking the fact that he wants to cut art and music classes. I am on the board for the Downtown Arts Coalition and the Coalition feels it would also be a mistake to cut those two programs.

When I took art classes in school it created an outlet for me and a lot of my art friends at the time. I had an excellent teacher in art at Westover at the time I was in school and she encouraged me to do well in art and also taught me techniques and different kinds of art mediums. If I didn’t take the class I wouldn’t appreciate art the way I do today.

I understand things need to be cut from the budget but I am sure there are other things within the school system that would be less of an impact on the kids who deserve to have these two programs in their lives. I know not every child is interested in art or music but some are and I am sure having the two programs stay in the schools would make a major impact on those children who are interested in art and music.

On another note, I would like to also thank you for your willingness to stand up for what is right for the children and the taxpayers in Dougherty County. What happened a couple of weeks ago is just disgraceful and downright wrong. We cannot afford to bail bad kids out of jail. The officer was in the right and I also thank him for standing his ground.

Also, letting them get away with it was also wrong and those other board members should have done the right thing and made the parents pay it back. As a taxpayer, I demand the funds be paid back, but I guess as long as the “failed four” are on the board nothing will be in the children’s best interest, only their best interest. It really makes me sick to my stomach to think about it and I couldn’t imagine, as a DCSS board member, how you feel about the whole mess they have created. Once again, I thank you for standing up for what is right and please keep doing so for the children.

Kind regards,
Tami McCoy



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