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THERE IS ENTERTAINMENT here. The entertainment is usually provided by the dysfunctional cast of characters currently occupying seats on the DoCo BOE, City Commission and a few other places around our fair city.



WE NEED TO non-renew the contracts and wash them out of the system. If DCSS won’t renew, perhaps they will pack up and go somewhere else. A court case will be a waste of money with little to show for it. Let the professional standards folks give them a slap on the wrist–get it over with. What we don’t need is to do nothing which makes the contracts renew regardless–and they win in the process.



EVERY SPLOST I have ever seen was touted to be for”needs” and if the needs weren’t met through it, “taxes will have to be raised”. Too many past cries of “wolf” for me to go get the gun–they can “need away” all they want, I won’t be a buyer.



VARIOUS SPLOST OVER the years have funded things that I have favored. It seems that there is “collateral” waste and/or mis-allocation that goes along with it though. Look at who we have spending it here.



THE TSPLOST WILL be good for the area. Something good will come out of it.



SPLOST INITIATIVES ALWAYS include “things to be liked” to sweeten the pot for votes.



SURE, BUT ALL in all I really think it is a good thing for the county.



THAT’S FINE. IT will pass. Unless we polled this group and I’m sure it would fail miserably.



THE REGIONAL VOTING aspect may produce a different outcome. I don’t know how those in the outlying counties feel about their projects. I think we all need to do some homework on this one and see if it appears the good overcomes the questionable. For example, in DoCo, the Clark AV extension gives me some heartburn for the $90 million price tag I saw recently–what’s the benefit? It may be there but it needs to be clearly stated before the vote.


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