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THIS IS NOT local per se, however there have been some interesting happenings in Sumter. This guy was a finalist for DoCo before we got #34. It will be interesting to see how things play out on their end.



SUMTER SEEMS TO share our BOE problems but I haven’t heard specifics. Interested in seeing what outside groups force into the process.



I KNOW SOMEONE that has her daughter in Sumter Co. and they are a messed up school system too. Not sure if it is as bad as ours though.



DR. BROOKS WAS not the problem — he was the poor sucker caught up in the board chairwoman’s power trip. She and some of the other board members are atrocious. Far more even than DOCO’s, if you can believe that.



I HEARD HE went against what the black board members wanted to do and did what was right for the kids… so those board members voted to get rid of him.



ONCE AGAIN ROBERT Rehberg strikes right to the heart of the matter, well done sir.



REGARDING DISTRICT ATTORNEY Greg Edwards decision to not prosecute some accused of CRCT cheating, why don’t we non-renew the whole gaggle of them. We don’t have to give them contracts for next year, and then we can leisurely “cherry pick” those for prosecution, if desired. Regardless of prosecution or not, they won’t be eating at the public trough any more–lunch or not, pun intended. Personally, prosecution will be arduous so why not cut our losses and just get them off the payroll–may end up that way anyway.



I WOULD ALSO rather see the contracts not renewed than to prosecute. Would make more sense just to be rid of them once and for all.



EVERYONE THAT CHANGED one answer or told a child to change an answer should not be renewed. We can be sure DCSS will do the right thing.



MAN, WE NEED a good, moral person to run for DA. We haven’t had one in so long I can’t even remember the last one that wasn’t corrupt.



AS I UNDERSTAND it, he does plan to prosecute but only the ones that changed a record, not the ones that gave verbal or non-verbal cues. With no documentary evidence, a conviction is not likely.



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