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READ THE D.A.’s COMMENT about “Any gun that is not in our custody is a danger.” WOW!!!! So is this local government agent going to start his own war on lawful gun owners?


I DIDN’T WANT TO speak too soon so I didn’t really jump on this yesterday. I have known Greg Edwards since 1994 and have always known him to be in favor of your right to defend yourself, a gun owner, and a shooter. I saw him last night at the gym and spoke to him about this. It was indeed a statement taken out of context, saying someone else indicated he was meaning. Greg was saying that the gun used in the shooting had been thrown away, and until it was recovered, some other child or criminal could find it and misuse it. He remains committed to your right to own a gun, is not anti Second Amendment, and in fact teaches at classes given to citizens on responsible firearms ownership and carry. He is in no way a gun grabber.



LON MCNEIL IS WRONG. Albany leaders are the problem with Albany. The schools system is Albany’s problem. I grew up not far from Albany and no it wasn’t Lee County. For as long as I can remember there has always been some kind of controversy going on with the city an county governments, along with the school system. How can you entice big business to come to a town where the school system is screwed up as Dougherty counties is. There has been cheating on state test, fraud committed on state funded free lunch programs, and over payment of fees by the school board. Wow, that really makes me want to live in Dougherty County. I work in a branch of the county government and have seen firsthand how certain groups of people in Dougherty County only want government handouts. They don’t care about trying to find jobs. It’s all about what can I get for free.



ACTUALLY, MYSELF AND MANY others have moved to Lee County to avoid the blatant misuse of taxpayer funds through corruption that Albany seems so SET on continuing. If Albany can pin point the reasons why people are moving away, why don’t they allocate funds to correct these problems, instead of pushing to receive grants to place huge signs around the town, disguising the issues within the city limits…?



SO…I’M A BIGOT because I happen to be white, educated, worked hard for what I have, and don’t want my family living in crime-infested Albany? That’s not bigotry, that’s my right to live where I choose because I worked hard, studied, and made the right decisions in life so I can live where I choose. Mr. McNeil seems to be saying we should suck it up and live among the criminal masses to avoid the perception of being a racial bigot, despite the detriment to my family. I think not. Why is this even related to race instead of economic and criminal demographics?



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