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TO THE OWNER OF Locos, per YOUR logic, your establishment should refuse to serve alcohol to ANY person who will leave your establishment operating a motor vehicle. Your logic fails Sir! I am another customer who will not spend another dime in Locos until your anti-Bill of Rights stand is reversed, take down your anti-gun sign and welcome all freedom loving citizens to your place of business.



TIME TO GET CRACKING on the petition(s) to force the city commission/county commission/ and the school board to televise all meetings. Lets hit them all. No more hiding from the public. How about WG&L too? Cable Access channels could cover all of what passes for “gubment” in this town. If they have access to our money, we need access to them!

If the public will not/cannot got to the meetings, the meetings will come to them. Once televised, the people in charge will never know just how many voters are watching them while they throw away our money and make bad decisions. Shine a light one very one of them!


SO MUCH FOR THE two that were “secretly” on our side to save the Broad Avenue Bridge.


UNANIMOUS? NOT WHAT SOME implied behind the scenes. Spineless “leaders” after all. Why should I be surprised? No vision, none at all.


VOTE NO ON TSPLOST. We don’t need five bridges now that they are going to rebuild Broad Avenue.


SO THE SLIDE INTO mediocrity in Albany continues. I am done.


GOOD TRY ALL, BUT who really thought it would end up any other way?


I THINK THE STATE is going to have a lot of no votes on the T-splost. I am going to start a Facebook campaign for people who are not in favor of it. It’s a farce for sure.


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