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JUST SAW ON WALB that Locos of Albany does NOT support concealed carriers. I’ve eaten in there openly carrying and no one said a word! However since the owner stated on TV that he doesn’t want concealed carriers in his place, fine, I won’t spend another cent there.





THIS IS THE OWNER of Locos Grill and Pub. For those of you that saw the 6 o’clock news, I had an interview today about the law to carry a gun into a restaurant that has passed the house. The news took parts of what I said to make it fit what they wanted. I am a strong believer in our constitutional rights to keep and bear arms and that was the first thing I said in the interview. I also went on to say the I believe in our laws in the state of Georgia and the United States and that the people that have permits, like myself, are not the ones that we have to worry about, most of the time. It is those that don’t. What I don’t want to happen, as Mrs. Gay stated is someone having a power kick pull a gun. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people and when guns and alcohol mix it’s not a good thing. It’s like drinking and driving. My restaurant is a family oriented place that I want people to feel save in when they come. And if you believe in the constitution then you also believe in freedom of speech.



WELL JUST TO THROW my two cents in…maybe what was done for the city was big! Maybe it wasn’t I am not a person that is for it or against it. But I think if he wants something named after what his father did….what could it hurt to ask. I see some other remarks that I will not respond to…but just remember that many people are a part of this group and sometimes what you say “Can offend others…even if it is a joke”



I DON’T THINK ANYONE a problem with the asking. As I recall the city offered things that could be named that did not meet with favor. He suggested things they were unwilling to name. The story has been played and replayed in the press over and over. It needs to be resolved, somehow, and let’s move on.



THERE IS NOTHING WRONG with asking but the problem is he keeps rejecting what they suggest and that is problem. Like the saying goes it never hurts to ask.



WELL, I CERTAINLY STAND by my remarks. I would be embarrassed to have something in Albany named after me at this time. This guy needs to stop wasting his, and everyone else’s, time and start trying to improve the city his dad felt was good enough to fight for.



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